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If you haven’t tried this now is the time, it’s a super easy painting. A lot of times people see a painting like this, and they’re like, nope, nope, can’t touch it. Remember it’s not a true depiction of Starry Night. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t even have to mess with so many of the details in the legit Starry Night painting. So, don’t be scared, just kind of go with it!

I’m going to be finishing up Starry Night, and just showing you a few tricks to complete the painting quicker. If you didn’t get the step-by-step instructions yet you get them here.

Starry Night Reproduction Painting

In part 2 you will see me use some metallic paint, mainly because I love metallics but, remember you can use any colors you want! I’ll even show you a very simple way to paint a church and some houses. When you add these the painting will really start to pop!

So get your step-by-step tutorial and start having some fun! The tutorial includes the full video (part 1 and 2), art supply list and printable instructions.

Starry Night Reproduction Painting

You could use this painting for art kits for kids or as paint party ideas! If you want more paint and sip ideas, keep following me on Texas Art and Soul. I share tons of ideas for paint nights and a bit about my journey from bankruptcy to business owner before the age of 30. I love helping YOU learn how to make money teaching paint parties! I would LOVE to see a photo of your Starry Night Painting design! Tag me @texasartandsoul_ on Instagram!

Starry Night How To Pinterest Pin