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Hope your new year is off to a great start!   A few weeks after my surgery I went to my little cousins wedding!    When he was a little boy his family went on part of our honeymoon so I only saw it fitting to make sure we attended his nuptials and harass him about crashing his honeymoon.

This wedding was SO awesome!   It was at The White House Mansion in Oklahoma.   It felt like I was in a Hallmark Christmas movie… which you know is my dream!

Every room was decorated with Christmas decorations.   After the ceremony the dancing started with my cousin Jennifer (mom of the groom) and her cousin from NY being the stars of the dance floor.

As Bobby and I danced we noticed another couple who looked like Pink (the amazing singer) and the guy from The Transporter movie.   (If you’re reading this Cody… please tell your friends hi and I may or may not have written a blog post about them!)

I thought they were so cool and edgy!   Pink wore a cute skirt with really high heels and her hair shaved on both sides with white blonde perched high on top.   The Transporter guy looked dapper in his suspenders and bowtie.  He had the look that at any moment plans may change and he will need to save the world all by himself.  (If you haven’t seen him just google Transporter Guy).

They were dancing their butts off the entire night and the fact that I felt like I was hanging out with Pink (one of my favorite singers) was icing on the wedding cake!    The Transporter guy was spinning her around and they looked like kids having the time of their life.

So, finally some country music comes on and Bobby and I hit the dance floor.   The last time we danced like this was in Nashville, TN outside of the bar Tootsies as a street performer made up a song for us.   (That’s another fun story I’ll tell you about some day, but I digress)

As we dance we are both checking out Pink and The Transporter to see what they are doing.   What moves they have that we can copy….  They are way out of our league so we continue with our spins and 2-steps that we’ve been doing since we were teens.    I lean into Bobby to ask him to dance me by the Christmas tree so I can fully take this entire Hallmark moment in….

Then we secretly watch what Pink and The Transporter are doing so we can copy!    I say “he’s dipping her… so Bobby quickly dips me”…. “She’s kicking out her legs…Wait… I don’t think I can do that in these boots”  Again, back to the two-step.  This little spy game continues for a few songs as we try to add moves to our traditional two-step routine.

After a fun night of celebrating it’s time to leave.   When we walk out of the party there stands Pink and The Transporter.    He says to my husband something about how well we were dancing!!!    What????   I mean, I’ve won a dance off or two in my time, but I wouldn’t say we were “good” dancers!   So we each compliment each other on our moves and as we get in the car Bobby and I feel like the cool kids in class!   I mean, Pink and The Transporter liked our moves!     We leave feeling confident and ready to up level our skills at the next get together!

Now I know this post doesn’t have a lot to do about art, but it does about not being afraid to look foolish!   There was also another guy at the wedding that looked like Ryan Reynolds… I know… celebrity filled wedding.   He was on his cell the entire time.   If I wasn’t married I would have pulled him to the dance floor because he looked so bored.   I’m not sure of his story or why he wouldn’t dance.   I’m also 100% certain that he thought we looked like idiots.   But my point is… always dance!   Life is TOO SHORT NOT TOO!!!   Who cares what you look like… when you have the chance to dance…

Always…. always….  dance!