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  Read until the end and you’ll know why this makes me nervous to share!   
I hope you are having a wonderful start to December!   I know many of you are teaching paint parties and getting Christmas Trees decorated! 

 What a fun time of year!   

However, a NEW YEAR is coming and I’ll be offering Paint Party Outer Limits!   You can get on the waitlist HERE to be the first to know! 

 This is a course taught starting Feb 3rd for 6 weeks.   This course is designed for the person wanting to take their Paint Parties to the next level.   
It will specifically teach you how to teach and make money online through your craft!     

– You will learn how to create a free gift that will bring emails your way. — – You will learn how to build your email list. 
– You will learn how to communicate to your email list.  
– You will learn how to do FB Lives with a purpose!  – You will learn how to run 2 specific ads in Facebook that have changed the game for my family.  
And much more!    

I’ve spent YEARS with business coaches and tens of thousands of dollars and have learned so much.   I’ve taken the things that have worked for me and broke them down into 6 easy steps so that you can start to replicate the process.   

It’s taken me almost 7 years to figure it out, but I can help you save a ton of time and get you going in the right direction!    

Y’all, FB lives have only been around since 2016!!!!    There is a whole new way of making extra money out there that only a few people are understanding.  

  AND it’s still SO NEW!     

My extended family is still a little confused at what I do because it IS new and is NOT the typical way to earn a living.   However, I’ve had more fun and taught more people than I ever dreamed! 

I know God has BIG plans and when I thought about sharing this information I was nervous for two reasons. 
  1.  Nervous I shouldn’t share because of being scared to share too many of my secrets.
2.  Terrified that I wouldn’t do you justice.   

After much prayer and facing my fears I’m doing something ONLY once this year to share with you behind the scenes of how to teach something online to make money at it.  

It doesn’t have to be just with painting.   It can be with anything you are passionate about!!!!  I’m just so excited to help you!   

 Do you want to join the ONLY time I will teach this in 2020???????? 

 If so, stay tuned for more information at the beginning of January!   Start thinking of all the possibilities!  

I just wanted to make sure you mark your calendars and have plenty of time to plan and prepare so you can join me starting Feb 3rd! 

 Extremely Grateful,Heidi   

P.S.  The price for this 6 week course will be $497 and will only be offered ONCE in 2020!  And yes there will be a payment plan!   Get on the waitlist HERE to know when everything is happening!