I lost my vision.

Terrified… out of control… totally scared.

These were my thoughts.

As a human and especially an artist one of my biggest fears came true. I lost part of my vision for over 10 minutes. I told my husband something was wrong. Letters and full words were missing off the paper that had my Monday morning to-do list written down. I tried to grab my phone to google it and couldn’t see anything on my phone.

I freaked!

I started crying hysterically and then it felt as if my brain was squeezing in on itself. Tears streaming down my face I realized that my health, my life may change forever. As my husband got dressed my daughter grabbed my hand and started praying out loud for me. She kept saying Mom, it’s going to be alright. All I could do was try to breath calmly… tears unstoppable as I didn’t know what my body was doing.

We rush to the ER and my vision came back. I was so thankful. After many tests including stroke, brain scans, etc… they find nothing. They release me almost 4 hours later with the directions to take an aspirin daily and to follow up with my doctor, neurologist and eye doctor ASAP.

We laugh on the way home as I mention how much this little visit is going to cost us and my husband jokingly says “all for an eye booger”. It takes away a little bit of the fear as I think the worst is yet to come.

After a visit to my eye doctor she immediately diagnoses me with Ocular Migranes. I’m confused…. how could the ER be so clueless to what I have and she knows within 2 minutes of my description. I’m thankful and a little bit relieved I don’t have a brain tumor.

She states that it’s pretty common and they will come and go periodically, but it’s nothing permanent. The vision loss is usually only up to an hour and to just be careful if you’re driving.

A few minutes later I leave the office a little disappointed and relieved.

Disappointed because I may loose my sight again from time to time.
Relieved that it’s not permanent.

Anyway, this got me thinking…. Vision… What is my vision for Texas Art & Soul?

If you have been following me for the past couple of years you will know that I absolutely love art! I love to create! But I especially love helping others create!

If you don’t mind please spend 1 minute and please leave a response with your input on the next steps for Texas Art & Soul!

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