This weekend I did something pretty stupid.    I’m not proud of what I did, but it was a dare and I made $50 from it!    BUT, I did not video it!

It made me realize that our actions are ALWAYS documented!   This new world of technology has made it where if it’s not on FB, Instagram or even YouTube it’s like it didn’t happen.   It made me sad for just a minute that I didn’t video it, but then it made me smile.

Sometimes living in the moment is all you need!    I realized after my daughter opened all her Christmas presents this year that I hadn’t taken a single photo.   My husband said “Good… you were with us… not worried about taking a picture!”    And it’s true…. our world is SO focused on what we can show to other people that sometimes we forget to live in the moment.

So……   Here’s what I did that was stupid!    

I was at a family party and was dared to jump into the pool.   It was around 9pm at night…we just had a huge cold front come in (well, cold for Texas – around 45 degrees) it was raining… a little lightning and the pool was calling my name!

After a quick dare to jump into the freezing cold pool, I shook hands and asked to see the money up front!    As soon as I saw the cash in hand I took off my jewelry and ran straight to the pool and jumped in like a kid starting her first day of summer camp!

It had been 70 degrees in Texas until about an hour before when we suddenly got hit with storms and unfortunately tornadoes.    We were very lucky and did not get any of the tornadoes that a town about an hour from us did.

My mind was still on the 70 degree weather and the $50 bucks UNTIL about the time I hit the water and realized it was COLD!!!   Not just cold, but Polar Bear Plunge cold!   After my daughter danced around saying “you’re cray – cray Mom” about 100 times I finally got warm again!   I do have to admit it was quite invigorating.

So, even though I wished I would have had it videoed to show you sweet people…. I was in the moment….

TOTALLY IN THE MOMENT…..Maybe a little TOO in the moment because I wasn’t thinking, just having fun!

Oh, but I am going clothes shopping with my quickly acquired $50 bucks so maybe I can document what I bought!

Happy New Year and don’t do what I did!   (Unless there is money involved!) 

Extremely Grateful,