What if you could start your own creative business and make money for you and your family? What if you could overcome fear and reach your dreams? Even with everything going on in the world today?

That’s exactly what I teach women all over the world to do in Paint Party Headquarters. Through paint parties, we are able to not only teach in-person, but now we can teach online and sell art kits. Our members are so inspiring! Have you ever lost confidence or direction? Kaitlynn Glader of Create Joy DIY Studio shares a little bit about her story. And she gave me permission to share some of it with you. Here’s some of her words…  

Heidi Easley of Texas Art & Soul doing a live painting on Facebook.

The benefit of joining Paint Party Headquarters

“If I could sum up the benefit of joining Paint Party Headquarters in two words, it would be – Confidence and Sisterhood.

Before Joining, I would teach a couple paint parties here and there. I had no idea how to get them consistently, how to get pre-pays, and absolutely no clue on how to market my parties WELL and to the right audience! 

Heidi has boosted my confidence beyond measure! Not only in the logistics of making a profit every party, but in something much more important – CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF! I now know that my business doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, or “that works for others, but it won’t work me”. No.

I have gained confidence that my business will succeed. Heidi has beautifully facilitated a safe group full of AMAZING ladies that just get it. We all have a passion for paint party business and showing Gods love through art. 

Because of that passion, it has created a bond between a group of ladies going through the ups and downs of life and business. I know when I get onto the PPHQ group, my sisterhood is there to encourage me, pray for me, share some juicy painting/business tips, and much more. 

If you feel those butterflies in your stomach urging you to join this group, don’t ignore it. This is the best group I have ever been a part of. Thank you Heidi for pursuing God’s calling he put on your heart; you have impacted so many ladies and their families.”

– Kaitlynn Glader | Create Joy DIY Studio


Overcome fear and reach your dreams

I love Kaitlynn’s story (and this is just a small part of it) because of her ability to take action, even through fear! And, it’s not always about making money! Sometimes we learn and grow in ways that we never would have imaged before deciding to take a chance and purse our passions. Paint Party Headquarters is OFFICIALLY open and we will close the doors on Thursday, May 20th. So make sure you join now and don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and your dreams!

Sign up for Paint Party Headquarters today (May 17) and be a party of the “1-hour BONUS Paint Party Q&A Zoom Meeting with Heidi”.

overcome fear and reach your dreams with image of 4 acrylic paintings

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