Are you an introvert or extrovert? I’m probably about 70% introvert and only 30% extrovert. Most people assume that I am 100% extrovert because I can be an extrovert when needed and that’s what they see on my Facebook Lives, YouTube videos and at paint party events. I definitely thrive on being around people, I need it. But I really value my alone time.

A Lot of Artists Are Introverts

I think a lot of artists are introverts. We are constantly day dreaming and thinking of the things we want to create.  There is so much thought happening before we actually create.  I know before I create a design or painting it is in my brain for months before I actually start to put pen to paper.

While I was at church, I found out something that is really interesting. Something I had never heard before. So, I did a little research on it before sharing it with you.

colorful decorative surfboard and acrylic painting with camper in the woods

The Introvert Influences 10,000 People in Their Lifetime

The introvert influences 10,000 people in their lifetime! Can you believe that, 10,000 PEOPLE!!! Now, think about what an extrovert does. So many of you that follow me and watch me either have or are creating a paint party business. What I want you to know is that no matter where you are at in your business journey and you are an introvert that you are influencing, at a minimum 10,000 people in your lifetime.

You know, I pick a word for the year and a couple of years ago I picked the word OBEDIENCE. That word has stuck with me since then. It’s almost like God is telling me to just be obedient, just take the very next step. So, for those of you taking the very next step just think of how many people you are going to influence.

colorful decorative surfboard with hibiscus and art supplies

Even as An Introvert You Are Influencing People

Stop thinking you aren’t influencing anyone or that no one is watching or listening. Because truly you are influencing people all the time, they are watching and they are listening. Sometimes you don’t even know when you have influenced someone. They may come back a couple months later or even a year later and tell you all about it.

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