It’s been 4 years since my heart surgery. And… almost 4 years since my dads heart transplant.

Wow. Life is so full of ups and downs.

When I think about 2016 I’m grateful. It was a year from hell, but still so many things working for Gods good.

We almost lost my dad in the midst of 1000 doctors telling me different things about my own vision loss and health issues. Hearing from doctors that you had a stroke at age 37 is a little alarming and then hearing that a hole in the heart is the cause and would most certainly happen again didn’t calm my nerves either.

What I’ve leaned through this whole health experience is that the fear is ongoing and can be debilitating if you let it.

Now that I’m healthy and back on track I sometimes have moments where a chest pain will stop me in my tracks and make me remember the metal that’s in my heart.

I freak out thinking of all of the things that could go wrong. Will there be a recall on this device?! If so open heart surgery is a must. What if I can’t get over the fact that no matter how much we plan, pray, and create these great lives for ourselves it can all be taken away in an instance without notice.

I say all of this to share that yes, I’m still fearful. Yes, I absolutely hate that people have to suffer.

But I do know that I serve a BIG God who creates BIG miracles and just 4 months after my surgery my dad received a heart. Forever grateful for his second chance and because of that night in the waiting room I promised to stop praying small.

Not playing small, but not PRAYING small. I realized if God can give my dad a new heart and perform this miracle then He can do anything.

So pray BIG! Expect Miracles! And be grateful for everything because you don’t know what is around the corner.

Here is a piece of art that was created by a beautiful artist in Dallas about my experience!

pray big