This Halloween was a little different than our normal Halloween tradition.   For the past several years we have gone to our cousins house and trick-or-treated with them around their neighborhood.  My cousin, aunt and I drink a little wine and then walk the kids around a big block.   Once we are at the house we watch as they sort through PILES and PILES of candy!

My husband can be found sitting close by ready to grab the occasional candy that someone deems gross or not their favorite.   It’s a fun time!!!

This year the cousins are in middle school and have tons of friends.  We decided it was time to let the girls have their space since Trick-or-treating is a little different for middle schoolers than it is for a 4th grader.

So, Granbury Trick-or-Treating here we come….

First we went to the little city park for Trunk-or-treat.   Pixie’s first experience with a Trunk-or-treat so she wasn’t really sure what to say.    Trunk or Trick?

Then on to the LAZY AMERICAN HALLOWEEN!    We sat on the tailgate  of my father-in-laws truck and drove around neighborhoods.   Now some of the neighborhoods have really long driveways so groups of neighbors get together at the end of the street and pass out candy by the mailboxes.   I have never experienced this… Some of the neighbors have really done it right!    One group had a fire pit and music playing all while passing out candy and chilling with their friends.

The reason I call it our Lazy American Halloween is because several times we didn’t even have to get off the tail gate!   It would take my daughter a minute to get off the truck so usually by the time she was almost ready to jump the candy APPEARED!!!    It was hilarious!   I mean, usually I like to walk just a little to “offset” the enormous calorie intake I would steal from my daughters pumpkin full of candy!   But hey….

So here we were…. on a tail gate…. with our dog…. and a blanket… tons of candy being delivered to our laps…. it was quite the night.

So, cheers to Granbury Halloween!  I think I’m going to like this!