There are so many ways you can create a creative business and one really great way is using Social Media and especially Facebook Lives. Paint Parties in person, paint parties online, as well as learning how to make money with your art is a skill that you can learn. I am excited to talk to Paint Party Headquarter ladies that are using this great tool Facebook lives to help grow their creative business.

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Meet CJ from The Social Paintbrush.

Her biggest fear was talking in front of people but she really enjoys it now.

She has had great success with Porch Leaner paint parties and custom orders.

She has sold over 50 of them!

She encourages people to reach out and send messages to local businesses.

CJ only thought she would teach on canvas, but has had great success with wood porch leaners and door hangers. Don’t limit yourself.

A little success gave her so much confidence!

Her biggest success has been with round door hangers with a cute bow added.

She is planning on a huge success with Christmas Ceramics this holiday season.

And her husband and kids is even help her with her business.

Next, I got to chat with Jackie from The Paint Bar in Boston.

Her cute son made a fun little cameo!

When Covid first came she pivoted her business right away.

They closed their Brick and Mortar Studio before the mandates where put into place.

She started going live just to see what would happen and as a form of life support.

She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew she would keep on swimming some way.

She started doing Zoom Virtual Parties with kits, locally only.

Then, on Mother’s Day, they painted with over 1,000 painters and started shipping Art Kits.

Everything was so chaotic, but they just figured it out as they went.

Oh, and she is pregnant! And raising a toddler.

Then she spring boarded a membership too.

With 87 founding members.

She has found that the pressure from the Pandemic and having a baby is making her just get it done!

They even did a Zoom corporate virtual paint party for ZOOM!

And Spotify…

And Amazon!

Meet Bernade from The Painted Pose!

She is an art teacher who loves painting portraits.

And Paint Parties have her heart now.

She has been doing lives, on Facebook, since the Pandemic started.

Bernade laughs at herself, and if she messes up she just keeps on going.

She just goes live and has fun.

Stepping out was important to her. She says “Who knows who is waiting on you.”

She feels like she is just going live to talk to her friends.

Bernade is always laughing and smiling. She always has a positive outlook.

Lastly, I chatted with Susan from The Art Barn

Now, let me tell you. At some point everyone has tech issues.

And we had to jump through a few, but we finally figured a way to talk.

Susan started her business 7 years ago when her husband passed away.

After looses everything she hosted paint parties in the garage of her rental.

Her landlord allowed her to do that.

She feels God’s had in it all.

She has had tremendous success doing lives.

Even if she is just washing paint brushes, she’ll go live.

People love to connect with her.

She was selling at least 50 kits a day.

And was just keeping orders written down on a piece of paper.

Most of her painters come to her for art therapy, not just to paint.

She silently prays for them as she teaches them.

They bless her more than she blesses them.