Here is your replay of the Paint Party Online Workshop! Learn the potential of paint parties, paint parties online, reverse paint parties, and more!

Do you want to learn how start making some creative money with paint parties, art kits, custom orders, and all of the online paint party goodness?! Porch leaners and door hangers are hot right now and I can show you how to market yourself in an easy way to Make Money NOW!

You can join Paint Party Headquarters today HERE! Doors close at midnight on Thursday

Are you crafty or artsy, or thought about teaching paint parties, already teach paint parties and want to add more to your tool box? Have you had success in the past, but don’t have strategies to keep you in the game? Confused on where to start? Do you have trouble with the “techie” part of the Paint Party world? Do you get “nervitus” (nervous excitement) when you think about teaching a Paint Party Online or In-Person? If you said yes to any of these questions… Paint Party Headquarters is the RIGHT place for you.

Which Artist are YOU? Stage 1: Hopeful Artist, Stage 2: Dreaming Artist, Stage 3: Confident Artist, Stage 4: Techie Artist or Stage 5: Making Money Artist? I can help you where you are at AND where you want to go.

Truth # 1- it’s never too late to re-focus and teach a paint party online!

Truth #2- everything I’m teaching you is doable! AND I keep it simple.

Truth #3- to make your Paint Parties online successful, you have to start somewhere.

No matter where you are, I can help you! Even if you work full time, are a stay at home Mom, retired and want a new adventure or even just some extra money for fun stuff.

I share with you some of your most pressing questions. What do you really need to focus on first? What is important to remember as you start teaching online paint parties? How many online, in-person paint parties and art kits you need to make a BIG difference in your life! I know you want to make money, but don’t do it the hard way. I’ll show you how to do it!

And have the confidence to take action through fear!

Will you take the Facebook LIVE challenge? I double dog dare you!