Meet Sharon with Sharon Ivy Studio! Listen in as Sharon shares how she has gone from potter to painter. She shares some of her story and you will see how resilient this women truly is! She also has some tips on how she is doing 2 to 4 in-person paint parties a week during Covid.

Sharon collaborated with a local boutique owner. The boutique owner benefits with all the new people coming in to paint and Sharon doesn’t have to stress about advertising or selling tickets. She is even booking mobile parties from her painters at the boutique paint parties. Her painters thank her for giving them a way to get out and feel safe.

After her retirement, she moved home to Mississippi and her husband build her a pottery studio. He helped her at her pottery shows and often got mistaken as the potter. But, sadly, passed away 2 months after they finished her home studio and she lost her heart for creating pottery. Plus it is so heavy and hard for her to do by herself. So she thought she would try painting. And then she came across Paint Party Headquarters on Facebook. And she thought “There are MY PEOPLE!” So she started teaching paint parties and having lots of fun.

She knows her painters love painting with her because she connects with them. They love personalized items like signs, ornaments and home decor. Painting dough bowls have been super popular for her too!

Her advice is “To just keep on.” She has had days of discouragement but she is so happy to have found a group of people who think the same, in Paint Party Headquarters. She says to lean into the group of supportive painting people.

Paint Party Headquarters is OPEN for 5 days only! Join HERE!