One of the most common questions I get asked is what paint party supplies I consider my “must-haves”. Today, I’m spilling the beans and letting you take a peak inside my top 20 can’t-live-without paint party supplies I ALWAYS have on hand!

If you love painting as much as I do, you probably have quite the stash of paint party supplies built up. And there’s nothing wrong with that… buying supplies is half the fun!!

20 Must-Have Paint Party Supplies

However, if you are building a business teaching paint parties, it can be helpful to know which items are worth investing in first. As someone who has taught hundreds of paint parties myself, I put together this quick list of my top 20 must-have paint party supplies that I’d recommend to anyone!

1. Canvases

Your class will need something to paint on. Typically, I do canvases – you can find them fairly inexpensive online, or buy the bulk value packs at your local craft store. Just don’t forget the coupon!

2. Diverse Woodworking

The other surface I sometimes will teach paint parties with is wood. Diverse Woodworking is one of my favorite spots to grab cute wood blanks to paint on!

Paint party supplies - plastic table cloth, pink aprons, and rows of wooden llamas ready to be painted

3. Paint (One of the Most Crucial Paint Party Supplies!)

Personally, I use and love DecoArt craft paint. It’s inexpensive and works so well – plus the colors are gorgeous! Some of my favorite shades to keep on hand are:

Of course – that’s just a small sampling! đŸ™‚

Different colors of decoart paint

4. Essential Stencils

Essential Stencils is literally just that – one of my most essential paint party supplies! I wrote an entire post to explain more about why I love them, and how I use them!

5. Brushes

As you can imagine, brushes are one of my most used paint party supplies! I usually give each attendee 2 to 3 different sizes. I use these CraftSmart brush sets for my classes – just make sure to keep extras on hand!

6. Easels

I know this may seem like a big investment initially, but I promise you it’s so worth it! A tabletop easel for each student will not only look professional, but will remove so much frustration when painting for your students! I suggest ONLY buying a few easels as you go. Profit EVERY party is important and you do not need these when you are first starting your paint party business.

7. Table Cloths

Keep the venue’s tables nice and neat and make your clean up extra easy by using inexpensive plastic disposable tablecloths for your parties.

8. Water Cups

Your students will be using multiple colors of paint, so make it extra easy for them to clean up their brushes in between paint swaps.

9. Paper Towels

I either include a roll or just a few folded squares per spot. This allows people to easily dry their brushes when done – making your job easier!

10. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can be used for so many things – from a quick brush clean to wiping up your hands to cleaning part of the canvas! This is a must-have!

11. Paper Plates

I like to pre-portion out paint on paper plates for my students. This makes it super simple for them to add paint to their canvas without waiting on getting a bottle passed to them. I do, however, have a paint table set up and encourage painters to re-fill with any color they like! I want them to have fun with their paintings and encourage originality!

12. Aprons

Again, you don’t need these when you are first starting. The one-time cost is a bit higher, but a good set of aprons will make your students very happy. No one wants to leave your class covered in paint with their clothes ruined—that’s not a great experience!

13. Venue Key

This is on the list because I’ve forgotten to get this before!! There is NOTHING worse than having to call the venue after-hours number panicking because you can’t get in! Trust me!!!

14. Guest List

You’ll need a quick, simple way to check off the people who arrive at your class, and make sure that everyone who attends has already paid.

Paint party class holding finished canvases.

15. Email Sign Up Sheet

Do NOT let people leave your paint party without having some way of contacting them in the future! This is a HUGE business opportunity – ask your students if you can sign them up for your email list and keep them informed of future classes.

By the way, I talk about this and many other business tips and tricks inside of Paint Party Headquarters!

16. Example Canvas

It’s a lot easier to teach your students how to paint when they have a visual of what the finished product should look like. So, bring a finished painting and set it up at the beginning of the venue!

17. Door Prizes

This is another great way to build your social following. You can offer prizes for those who subscribe to your YouTube channel or follow you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram!

18. Business Cards

Again, make it super simple for people to get in contact with you! You never know who might want to host a paint party next!

19. Phone Charger with Music

Okay, this is definitely one of the most important paint party supplies out there! Keep the atmosphere fun and light – no one likes long tense silences! A good 80’s or 90’s playlist is always a big hit!

20. A Big Ole’ SMILE! đŸ™‚

Remember, this is all about having FUN! You are the one who gets to set the tone – keep it light, fun, and happy!

Woman teaching paint parties

Video: Packing Up Paint Party Supplies into Kits

I hope you found the info above helpful! If you are looking for more tips about paint party supplies, you’ll love this quick YouTube video I put together about how to make paint party kits!

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It’s about simplifying and having actionable steps that are easy to implement, so you can start making money as quickly as possible!