What a day!  I was teaching a painting class near my home town and about half through the class I heard someone compliment another ladies painting.    They said “Your painting is so good, but it should be since your an art teacher”.   So, being an art teacher I kindly ask… “What grades do you teach?”.    As soon as she looked up to answer me I said “MRS. FLETCHER!!!!”

She was my art teacher all through elementary school.   Her and the other art teacher (Mrs. Lawson) are what made me want to be an art teacher!!!    She was always SO happy and having so much fun I just knew I had to spend my life doing that too!

I will NEVER forget the days she let me work on a giant dinosaur paper mache project for the school cafeteria.  I remember putting all the strips of paper into the mix and adding touches to what seemed to be LIFE SIZE!   We would all work on it as a huge group project and then they would go on display and the cafeteria stage would be transformed!   I don’t remember a lot from my elementary years, but this one will always stick with me.    I think it’s maybe because art for me was magical!   You could start the day with a thought or an idea and end it with a finished product that came from your imagination.

It’s rare you get to see or speak to the person that helped guide your entire life career!   I know she didn’t realize the impact she or Mrs. Lawson would have on me, but I am extremely grateful.

Thanks for always making art fun & messy!