Whew!  It’s been a busy few months!   I’m currently in day 10 of the interviews series www.theaccidentalartistonline.com and am so happy to get all of the feedback!   Please if your watching the interviews send feedback to my email.   I would love to hear what you think about the interviews!   Oh and I know we are all busy…. I find time to listen to the interviews as I get ready in the morning or as I work out.   It keeps me on the treadmill the full time!  🙂

Watching the interviews myself and hearing your comments inspired me to FINALLY create a painting I have been thinking about for over a year.   I love Day of the Dead more than the  normal person and my husband and I bought a Day of the Dead sculpture on our 15th wedding anniversary.    We also bought a little day of the dead dog and a little girl to complete our little family.

So… my goal has been to turn my little family into this style of painting.   Oh, and lately I’ve been teaching my high school students mixed media and loving the outcome  so I’m going to turn this into a little mixed media  project!   I use Margaret Keane’s advice and draw a little thumbnail of my vision first.   Then….

The first part is always so fun!   Taking a large blank canvas out of the package and imagining the possibilities!   This canvas is 24X36 and takes up most of my dining room table.   My daughter is watching me paint and giving me pointers from time to time… “mom… why don’t you  add this here or make that color more like this”.   She is for sure my little art critic.   

IMG_2084     IMG_2101   IMG_2095

So… now it’s late.   Pixie is in bed and Bobby is watching TV.  So I put in my earbuds and get to work!   There is nothing like having some Jamey Johnson singing in your ear while your working on a painting!  (Yes, I’m country! AND he is amazing!!!) 

I’m experimenting with a few things so I use bubble wrap (a technique Pixie taught me when making mermaid tales) for texture.   When I lay the bubble wrap down on the wet paint it picks up the colors and then I can move that to other areas of the canvas!   I love it!   Next I use some old ink I had in my art studio and just drip in onto the canvas.   I notice that when I use the blow dryer it goes EVERYWHERE…. so not sure if I’m going to  like that after all.

IMG_2096    IMG_2098

I experiment with throwing some glitter shavings into the paint.  I have more  layers to add so it really doesn’t shine yet.    Then I use Aleena’s glue to add a some flowers and the word GRATITUDE.   I  am so thankful for my family.   I want this project to be meaningful for me and to represent my family so I’m adding elements that I love and my family loves.    

I mean… isn’t that what art  is all about!   

IMG_2103       IMG_2105

I still have a long way to go, but wanted to share the process with you.   I will send the finished product in next months newsletter!   You can also see it sooner (in a couple of weeks) on my facebook.com/texasartandsoul page!

Thanks again for giving feedback on the interviews!   I hope they inspire you to just CREATE!  


Extremely Grateful,

Heidi Easley