Here is my absolute favorite paint of all time!!!! 24K Gold Deco Art Metallic! You can order it HERE. I use it on almost EVERY painting I create, especially my Fall and Christmas paintings.

I have mentored many women and helped them grow their Paint Party businesses, but I’ll never forget talking with one of my mentees about how much paint her guests were using at her Paint Party events! She was worried about how much her paints were costing her.

The most important part of any Paint Party is the EXPERIENCE! I told her don’t pinch pennies to makes dollars!!

The cost of a few fancy jars of paint won’t hurt your profits, if you are charging the correct about for your events! Check out Paint Party Pricing Guide to learn what YOU should be charging for your Paint Parties and more! I’ll show you exactly how I price my paint parties, art kits, door hangers, ceramics, and more! For FREE!