My husband got mad at me.   

Last month I went to San Diego for a business trip.    I met with over 60 other women entrepreneurs and spent 3 days in a very intense training course with my business coach (whom I love!).

I felt like I was finally “with my people”!   

Have you ever felt like that?    Maybe you are wired a little bit different than the folks around you?    

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family!   SO MUCH!    But when it comes to business they all kind of look at me like I’m an alien.


As soon as I got home from this wonderful work / vacation, I filled my husband in on all my plans.    He just sat and listened as I excitedly talked about everything I want to do this year.

Then he said something I wasn’t prepared for!

He said…. “Sometimes it just makes me mad?” 

In almost a gasp, holding back my anger, I calmly ask “Why?”  

Then he goes on to explain how I had just written a ebook and then launched it in under a week!   Not only did I launch it, but it actually brought in money.

Confused, I then ask “You do know we SHARE the money, right?”  

With a smile on his face he lets out a little laugh and says “I know, I just wish I had that kind of willpower!   You say you’re going to do something and then you just go do it!”  

Now, I finally see where this is going.   At first I was so confused wondering what I had done wrong.   Then after a few more minutes of talking I realize he is PROUD of me, and wishes he could take action.

That brings me to you.

Do you have something you want to take action on?   

Now this brings me to DANCING!!!     

Do you have something you want to do that makes you want to dance!   As you all know, I LOVE ART!   I love how art makes me feel and how art makes me want to get out of bed every morning and dance.

(And sometimes my daughter and I do… and our little dog Blue)

So, if you have that creative spirit just itching to get out… DON’T WAIT!    Life is short!   Live it how you want to live it!  

Extremely Grateful,



PS:   If you are interested in starting your very own Artsy party side business please email me today at [email protected]    I can give you a free 20 minute success session and give you some tips on how to make it work!