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How do you want to live?

How do you want to spend your days?

What’s important to you?

I think we all go through these questions from time to time.    We think about what we are doing in life and if it’s fulfilling or not.   We think about how we spend our days and if this is where we really want to be.

My life has always had LOTS OF CHANGE!    Self inflected change.  I’ve never really been scared of change.   If I don’t like something or see it’s potential…. I change it.

Sometimes I wonder how people live a life they don’t like.

Life is TOO short!

Right now my life is kind of hectic.   I paint, I paint at parties, I teach students to paint, I talk about paint, I throw paint, I texture with paint, I live and breath paint…. etc… etc… etc…

I LOVE TO PAINT!    My life is revolved around art.

And… this… is… how … I…. want… it.

What do you want?    

Are you a creative spirit?   

Do you need help learning how to discipline yourself to make time for this creative outlet?   

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You will learn about successful artists AND they will also show you tips and tricks on camera!!!    

It’s all a muscle…. learn how to use it and change your life.  

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