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Do you love to paint and be crafty?

Are you the “artsy” or “pinterest queen” of your circle?
If you want to grow your paint party business so that you can share the love of art with others and make some extra money in the process, you’re in the right place!

I have spent the last several years teaching paint parties and have learned all the shortcuts and secrets! I now teach other creatives how to do the same. Listen, you are NOT a starving artist. You just lack the tools and knowledge to MONETIZE your craft. I will teach you! There are several ways we can work together:

Paint Party Headquarters, as an organization has been a tremendous help to me. Heidi as a person, a God send. I have been looking into stepping into the Paint Party world, but had no idea how to go about.

Heidi walks you step by step on how to make this business work for you, gives tons of resources and advice, and will look at other ways to make this business work for you when what you’re doing hits a brick wall.

I love the spiritual tone that is evident in this group. PPHQ as a group is the best I could ask for. The members are there to give advice on everything asked. They are thoughtful, caring, and the most sharing bunch I’ve met on the web. I would be totally lost without Heidi and my PPHQ family.

Carlotta Winters

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It was meant to be the day I found Heidi Easley of PPHQ online! I was 70 and looking for a new adventure in life..one that would create a new stream of income. Her upbeat, positive, fun manner was real and genuine. She proved to be thorough, generous, on trend, teach a profit every party and encouraging! She’s a savvy business woman with a big heart! She gives you the tools and you build your business your way! I love that… The creatives in PPHQ are just as generous, fun and encouraging as Heidi…we’ve learned from the best! Thank you Heidi…

Rita Owner of Rita's Creative Studio, Tallahassee FL

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I have been a member of Paint Party Headquarters for over a year now. I was struggling to develop my Paint Party business before even knowing about PPHQ. It was really hard! Then one day I saw one of Heidi’s ads on FB and I knew I had to be a part of her group! From the moment I joined her group my business has taken off like crazy and I now have the skills and information to help me to have a successful paint party business. She has helped me to learn what means to own my own business and how to successfully run it.

She has provided me with SO many tools that I never imagined from how to market my business, to who are the best groups to talk to, to providing really cute and current painting choices, to step by step instructions and tons more! Thank you Heidi!! I honestly would not have a successful and thriving business today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing PPHQ group!! Best decision I have ever made!

Kellie Hubler, Listen To Your HeART