Have you ever had a vision of a project in your head and you can’t get it out!?

Have you ever been discouraged when you spent an entire afternoon and a small fortune at Michaels creating the piece that will change your life…. then it leaves you disappointed and defeated?

Well… I did a painting and it looked like poop!     

I was so dissatisfied with my painting that I decided to collage on top of it….  THEN that turned out bad too!

I was discouraged… I mean I spent a ton of money on a big ‘ol canvas and a TON of TIME.   (the time is the one that gets me the most)

After putting the canvas to shame in my garage… a few weeks later I realized I could use it!    I had a photo shoot coming up for an upcoming project and my sad canvas may have found it’s calling!

So… I turn up the music and start throwing some paint!    I spent the next hour in true bliss….  Making all the bright colors pop and adding fun texture.   I’m like a kid in a candy store… wide eyed and bushy tailed!


The painting turned out exactly how I wanted it.   I loved the colors and even the bumps from the mistakes underneath.   It had depth and tons of love put into it.    Here are a few pictures of the painting I used for this photo shoot.

The reason I tell you this… is sometimes we will create art that is NOT our favorite…. sometimes we will spend an afternoon and a small fortune on something that may turn out bad.

It’s all part of the process…   We WILL fail sometimes!

BUT, that doesn’t stop us from trying again!

Let’s make some mistakes people!   


Extremely Grateful,