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What would you do if you had an extra 2 hours every day?    Would you take a nap, ride a bike, go for a run, cook up some yummy cupcakes?

Well… this past week as my daughter was on vacation with her grandma I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted!

So I painted…. and painted…. and then painted some more!   (My poor husband… our dining room area looks like an art store exploded – Oh, and did I tell you he hates glitter… and glitter is ALWAYS involved!)  

My husband and I just celebrated our 18 wedding anniversary.   I know what you’re thinking…. did she get married when she was a baby!    Just kidding, but practically.   I got married 2 weeks after I turned 18… so now I’ve officially been married over half my life.

Time flies!

As we were headed back from our date at Gas Monkey Grill my husband says “It’s nice being single”.   I immediately laughed because I knew he meant nice having time by ourselves.    Our daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to us and we love her with all our heart, but it’s good to have some time alone!

So, this week was nice.     No guilt for working on paintings all week…. no monitoring of TV shows that have a couple of curse words in them….  I went to the gym whenever I liked… etc.

BUT, with that being said…. I miss my little girl!   I’m ready for her to get back home so we can go swimming and enjoy the rest of summer!

So, spend some time this summer doing a few things you love!    If it’s creating, then CREATE!    It’s more of a habit.  I think I told y’all this, but when I first started painting several years ago it took me a year to finish one painting.   Now I can do several a week.

Habit is key!