In Paint Party Headquarters we, of course have a ton of on-trend acrylic paintings available for you to use as a member.  The best part, we also have porch sign designs, ceramics and door hangers. I know it seems early but it’s time to start booking Christmas Paint Parties! We have an awesome wood sleigh door hanger that is exclusive to Paint Party Headquarters members. Julie, who has been a member for over 3 years and also helps on the team has already booked 5 parties with these!

Christmas Gift Tags

How Julie Booked the Parties

Julie wishes she could take all the genius in this idea but Paint Party Headquarters has so many great ideas. A fellow member did this and had great success. Julie thought “I could do that!”. So, she used some of her wording and the beautiful pictures supply by the membership. Julie took 5 minutes and posted in her local marketplace and Facebook buy, sell, trade groups. Within 24 hours she booked 5 private parties between now and December!

How Julie Got the Prepays

Julie was so excited she was doing the happy dance! But she knew she had to get them pre-paid. So, she created a PayPal link for each hostess. This allowed her to not only get the pre-pays but track who’s paid and how many participants for each party. Within 24 hours she had booked 5 parties and had 12 pre-pays! She didn’t even have product in hand and didn’t have to paint anything!

City Cat acrylic painting

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

Last month we were already switching gears to Fall and now to Christmas and Winter. In the Paint Party Business, you have to be 2 to 3 months ahead with designs so you can be ready. If don’t give my members the sleigh design until December 1 then I know we missed the window. By August I’ve already got new Fall designs ready for the group. You want to be the person that has the newest on trend stuff ready.

Get On-Trend Paintings and More!

Whether you are a beginner or you’re just now learning how to paint we are here to help you. If you are money making artist like Julie, we have everything you need to launch new designs at the right time. She didn’t have to wait on supplies and then paint her samples. She had everything she needed to get those painting parties booked! She was also able to lean on the community for even more ideas to launch these awesome sleighs. So many members are so generous with their ideas and knowledge. The whole group thrives!

The doors to Paint Party Headquarters are closed for now but you can still get on the waitlist for when they OPEN! Get on the waitlist here.

If you are ready to launch a successful and profitable paint party business but aren’t sure where to start grab my $10 Paint Party Business E-book here.

Watch Heidi interview Julie about On-Trend Paintings:

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