Did you see the Birch Tree Snowman Porch Sign I did? Well, that Facebook Live went viral so I am doing an encore, only this time it will be on canvas. I’m just going to show you a very easy way to do this freehand with a just a few helpers. I’m painting this on a 24 x 12 canvas but you can paint this snowman on anything! A canvas, some wood I even saw some painted on Christmas ornaments. So, gather up your art supplies and let’s have some fun!

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Happy snowman with birch tree background painting

Get creative and start painting!

We are going to paint the background gray first. You can make your own gray by mixing a little white with just a little bit of black. Now to paint the snowman. You will want to grab a few things that will make three different sized circles, anything that makes sense. I used a paper plate, a basket and a plastic cup. Trace your snowman and then grab a 1 to 1/5 inch chip brush. Paint in your circles with the pure white paint. Get some gray paint , any gray will do. I decided to go a little fancy and used a Pewter Metallic Paint.  Take that paint and add a little to the snowman for some shading effect. You can also go back with white to create a bit more shading.

Time to add some accessories

While this is drying you can start the hat process. I’m using an Avocado Green & Howser Dark Green for the hat. To start the hat you will want to use a round brush (size 6 or 8) and paint what almost looks like a nurses hat for the brim. Then you will add the top part of the hat and color in the outline. Add a little bit of the darker green to the brim of the hat and to the left side of the hat to create some shading. You can also add a little black on top of the dark areas to create more shading and some white to the brim to create a snowy effect.

We’re going to go get the scarf added next. I’ve decided on a red scarf to match the birds that will be added later.  You can use any color you want though like pink or blue. Just trace the bottom of the snowman’s head and then bring the line down a little and fill it in.  Then you will just add the scarf tails on the corner of the scarf by painting thicker lines down the snowman. Use a liner brush to add tassels to the bottom of the scarf tails.

Snowman and birch trees painting

Let’s finish up the background

We are going to add the birch trees. Get your pure white paint and a 1 inch flat brush.  Dip it in the white and start adding some lines.  The lines don’t have to be perfect, in fact you will want them to be a little wiggly. I added 5 trees but the number of trees is up to you. Grab some black paint and start adding the bark to the trees by painting from the sides in to the center of the tree in light strokes. This will create a darker edge. Just barely tap on the end to give it a birch tree look. To finish out the birch trees outline the branches with a thin black line.

Give your snowman a smile

Now it’s time add some arms and a cute little face. Take a dark chocolate brown and paint thin lines to add arms and hands. Now to his face, let’s get this nose added first. I like to use Canyon orange, it’s my favorite, you can use your favorite orange too! What I like to do is just take a round 8 brush, paint like a little smile just a little bit above the center. Then just kind of paint a triangle going up. Then just fill it in. You can also add a little bit of brown detail in a similar way to the birch trees. To add the eyes you will want to get a liner brush and some black paint. To make it look as though he is looking up you will just paint 2 frowns. He’ll look like he is happy and singing! Lastly just add some circles for the smile.

It’s all in the details

Once your snowman is complete, take a liner brush and outline him and his hat in black. If you want to make his arms stand out a bit more you can also add some black lines to them.

Lastly but certainly not least is to put a bird on his hat. This is super simple! You are going to paint what almost looks like a teardrop on its side. Using your liner brush and black paint just add an upside down ‘V’ at the bottom for the feet, a dot for the eyes and a triangle for the beak. Using white paint you can add the wings, they are what kind of looks like a sideways heart. Don’t forget to decorate the scarf and add some snow!

Happy snowman with bird and birch trees painting

I hope you enjoyed this easy Winter DIY project. Remember, you can also add your own Christmas colors to match all of your home decor and Christmas decorations. Feel free to tweak this design I made or use it as-is for your Winter decorating ideas.

The thicker wrapped canvas I used is a great way to make any painting look elegant. You can get them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

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