While I painted this Truck and Tree live on Facebook I spoke about my word of year. I firmly believe in the power of words. There are so many times the Bible talks about speaking the things you say and being mindful of those things. I know this sounds kind of silly but I believe in speaking the things you want. As we start to paint don’t forget to think about your word of the year for 2021.

OK, I’m really excited about this project. You’ve probably seen me paint this truck and tree a lot and often and in many different versions. Like here and here. This time I’m teaching you a Valentine’s Day version using some turquoise colors. I’ll be using Ocean Breeze Matte and one of my favorite colors Blue Grass Green.

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Truck and Tree painted with hearts on art table with stencils and paints

Let’s get started!

Get your canvas ready or your wood cut. If you would like the tracer for this design you can get it here. Once your canvas or wood cut out is ready grab the Ocean Breeze Matte paint and paint the entire truck. Next take the Blue Grass Green and your 1 inch brush and add this darker color to the truck to give it some shading. We’ll continue with the truck by painting the tires black. it’s time to paint the windows, just mix a little white with a little gray. I decided to go with a pink tree but you can choose any color you want. So squeeze some Primary Magenta and White directly on to the tree and mix it up!

It’s all in the details!

You are probably questioning the process but don’. As we add in all the details the painting will really start to come together. Take some White Frost Lustre and put it on your finger and add it to the truck. You can freehand some circles in white for the tires or add some hearts to really make it festive! To really make your truck pop grab some more of the pink and add lines where the doors, side steps, and fender would normally be. You can also add a little white to your windows to give them a bit more dimension.

Truck and Tree with hearts painted on tree.

Get those stencils out!

Grab any stencils you want. I used some hearts and a ‘Be Mine’ stencil. If you need stencils you can get your stencils here, just make sure you use TEXASHEIDI at checkout for a discount. Check your painting to make sure it’s dry. You can also grab a blow dryer to dry it quicker. Frist we are going to stencil ‘Be Mine’ on the door. Grab some white paint and the stencil brush. Dab the stencil brush in the white paint and then offload on the stencil and painting. Next we are going do the hearts. Again, you can choose any color you want but I went with a turquoise blue. Use the same method you did for the ‘be mine’ stencil. To finish out the design I outline all the hearts in white and add some white accents to truck.

Look at how adorable this Truck & Tree door hanger is! It is the perfect change to your outdoor décor for the new year.

Speaking of the new year, this time last year, we didn’t think the start this new decade be so challenging. But… I truly hope that as 2020 comes to a close, you have had time to reflect on the good that has come from this last year. So, let’s set some new goals and make a plan for the New Year! What is YOUR word of the year?! Let me know below!

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