The idea of hosting a paint party online sounds awesome…until you realize that means you have to do a live video stream. Eek! If the thought of a live video makes your heart race a little, don’t worry. You are not alone! However, after YEARS of doing lives, I’ve learned a bunch of Facebook Live tips. Of course I’m sharing them with you today so you can feel confident too!

Catch Up on the Last Paint Party Two Videos

This is the third video in the FREE 3-part training series called Paint Parties Online! The Future of Paint Parties. Learn How to get your people to the Party Room! If you missed the other videos, I encourage you to pause and go watch them, then come back here. They are only available for a limited time!

  • Video one (paint party supplies) – in this video you’ll learn how to create a paint party supplies list and get it over to your attendees easily!
  • Video two (create a Facebook group) – this quick video will walk you through how you can create a Facebook group right from your personal profile to host your “guinea pig class”. It’s effective, easy, and, free!

Now that you are caught up, you’ve got your paint party supply list ready and have texted a group of friends to attend your first class. Let’s dig into some Facebook live tips.

Facebook Live Tips

First of all, I want to address the fear element. If you feel nervous and scared to do your first live, you are NOT alone. I talk with fellow business owners daily who are scared to hit the “go live” button on their page!

In fact, I can remember being nervous when I started too. And I’ll be very honest with you—I wasn’t that good. I still say the wrong words or have unwelcome interruptions from my dog, or something else come up in my videos, and I’ve been doing them for years.

Artist doing a facebook live while holding a dog

Facebook Live Tips to Know # 1: Be Real

The “real-ness” of Facebook Lives is what makes them so fun, especially for your audience. Think of it this way—if you were a beginning artist with no training, what would make you more comfortable? Would you prefer a super polished, glossy video? Or would you prefer something real and raw?

If you are nervous, it’s okay to say so. Remember, the people you have invited to your first class are your inner-circle people. So they will support and cheer you on and love you, no matter what.

Facebook Live Tips to Know # 2: Do a Pre-Test Run

This first class is supposed to be your guinea pig class where you can test things out. However, if you really want to practice beforehand, you can! Do a facebook live and invite your spouse or best friend to it, just to get some of the jitters out.

cell phone in a holder filming a paint party online

Facebook Live Tips to Know # 3: Have Fun

If you are reading this, I can make an educated guess that you love art and want to share your gift with others. If that’s the case, then remember that! Art is fun! You are allowed to relax and enjoy it.

Facebook Live Tips to Know # 4: Don’t Make it Complicated

Don’t let yourself overthink for this first video. So many people make tasks like this so, so complicated and it doesn’t need to be. Think of it this way: instead of washing 30+ paintbrushes from everyone in an in-person class, you only have to wash the ones you use. 😉

woman teaching an online paint party from home

The Most Crucial Tip: Show Up

If I could give you a single piece of advice, it’s this. Show up! Don’t let yourself be caught by the perfection trap, or you will be paralyzed and never take action. Remember that EVERYONE starts at ground zero, and works their way up.

Every single person who is fantastic at doing live video streams had to go through the emotional roller coaster of doing their first one. We all get jitters. But at the end of the day, I want to be a person who takes action—do you?

How to Get Your Attendees to Your Facebook Page

One of the logistical things that seem to cause many people to freeze up is actually getting people to your online party. This video shows you step-by-step how to get people to the party room! Just like an in-person party where people meet to paint, you gotta have an online place for people to meet and paint!

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The Doors to Paint Party Headquarters open in just a few days! Join the waitlist HERE!

So – are you ready to start your first Facebook live and get to teaching? You have got this, sister! We all start somewhere. Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough.

Heidi live on Facebook showing others how to paint