This online Backstage Pass gives you everything you need to engage + inspire your painters, and take your hobby to a whole new level.


✪ You want to teach paint parties, but not sure where to begin.
✪ You love making signs and other fun stuff, but are confused about
how to turn it into a second income.
✪ You just had someone to tell you what to do next you could take it and run!
✪ You see successful paint parties happening and wonder how they fill the seats.
✪ You want to find NEW customers for your Paint Parties that isn’t your family or friends.
✪ You are very teachable, but just need the roadmap!




Are you ready to make your big dreams a reality?



✪ Knowing that you can book an event without having all of the
latest and greatest supplies to make Paint Party magic happen.

✪ Seeing women create and be inspired by your projects.

✪ Bringing joy and confidence to women in a unique way!

✪ Developing YOUR own confidence, knowing that you are
providing a stellar experience that inspires ladies while having fun!

YOU can teach Paint Parties just through
this simple roadmap and marketing tweaks!


✪ Show you exact steps for getting started!

 Teach you how to book free locations

 Reveal the secret tips behind booking parties before having to paint anything.

✪ Provide the exact scripts that are working NOW on how to contact potential customers. This one will surprise you.

 Help you know the flow of an event and how to manage a party of 10 or more.

 Show you how to have a profit every party.


Want to know the quickest and easiest way to start teaching Paint Parties?



(Only the cool people come to fun paint parties!)


This online Paint Party Backstage Pass is perfect for anyone who wants to enrich their understanding of how teaching Paint Parties work and how to create a fun and exciting second income.

✪ People who love to make crafts and or paint

✪ Teachers

✪ Moms wanting a creative outlet

✪ Women wanting to have fun

✪ People who love to share with others

✪ People who want to have a second income

✪ Creative folks who want to have flexibility in their schedule

Put the excitement back into your life!
Take a closer look at what’s included.

This online Paint Party Backstage Pass includes 6 passes and will offer fresh new takes on the Paint Party Business and how YOU can be successful creating a second income for your family.




Watch 6 Backstage Pass Videos

as I show you exactly how to start a Paint Party Business where you will have a PROFIT EVERY PARTY. This will be your exact roadmap of what, when, where, why, and, how.

Everything you need to know to get started right away!

Download handouts for each session.

We’ll give you a supply list, marketing examples, cheatsheets for what to bring to an event, clean up lists and much more!

You’ll have access to the videos and handouts
for each Backstage Pass for an entire year.

and now…

You will receive a free bonus Backstage Pass that includes a video on how & when to hire helpers for your Paint Parties.

You will also receive a Massive Action Guide to help you get your first paint party within 4 weeks!

Check out some of my mentees and THEIR Paint Parties!!!

“Paint Parties is the gateway drug to a creative life.”  

– Jenny Troutman Loughmiller, Founder of Hundred Hearts Project 

Grab a coffee, find a quiet spot for your laptop, and enjoy!

You can binge watch or just go at your own pace.

“I love that Heidi is teaching paint parties today in addition to sharing her knowledge. Since she’s in there doing it herself she ALWAYS has the most current up to date trends!”

– Sue White, Owner of Brushes and Beyond

Your online ticket includes:

Inspiring, step-by-step backstage passes that share everything you need to know to get your paint parties moving and grooving!

✪ Learn how to book Paint Parties for Ladies Nights, Church Events and even Kids Parties!

✪ Current ON TREND information to help you succeed!

✪ Every person will receive a Backstage Pass BONUS! – Massive Action Guide to get you teaching your Paint Party within 4 weeks! AND… A BONUS video of my secrets to hiring help for your parties!

Heidi Easley, founder of Texas Art and Soul, Paint Party Headquarters, and author of How to Teach a Paint Party

Heidi loves oversharing her secrets for creating a Paint Party Business from scratch. Heidi’s enthusiasm for loving people through Paint Parties will inspire you to do the same. Her clever approach will change the way you look at Paint Parties forever. Heidi will share amazing and simple marketing strategies that will make you think… why didn’t I think of that! Whether you are just doing this for fun and socializing or needing to create a second income, Heidi has the answers and can’t wait to help you in a FUN & exciting environment.


✪ Know exactly how to communicate and book an event
with people other than your family and friends

✪ Know how to get paid for having a Paint Party

✪ Understand the Ins and Outs of the fun and exciting world of Painting Parties

✪ Have the confidence to want to teach paint parties right away

✪ Know what supplies work best and the best prices and resources

✪ Understand the marketing tricks

✪ Have a Massive Action Guide to help you book a party within 4 weeks of
completing the Paint Party Backstage Pass when you follow the guide!

✪ Know how and when to hire help

✪ Have secrets to finding the best Paint Party Helpers around!

✪ Learn how to create a second income and see the opportunities around you.

✪ Be Inspired!


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We will email you the details and your Bonus Video & Massive Action Guide.


Go through the online workshop at your own pace.


Post your first party on social media and use the hashtag #teachapaintparty


Save your email in a safe spot so you have access to the
Paint Party Backstage passes throughout the year.

So thankful to meet you!

Heidi, a former teacher and proud founder of Texas Art and Soul, Paint Party Headquarters, and author of How to Teach a Paint Party. Heidi has taught thousands of people how to paint step-by-step traveling all over the country.

Over the past three years, Heidi has taught hundreds of women all over the world how to successfully teach paint parties for extra income.

Her daughter Pixie often travels with her and loves to help at Paint Parties! Heidi is dedicated to providing current and fun resources to help encourage, motivate and inspire women to be creative while making extra money doing what they love!