My very first business (which lead to my paint party business) was painting decorative surfboards at an outdoor mall in Florida back in 2007. When it was time to select a name for it I actually woke up in the middle of night from a dream I had and wrote down “My Soul Is Yours”. I always keep a paper and pen by my bed. The two reasons I chose that name were number one, my soul is yours to my husband and my soul is yours to God. Since then, I’ve always ran my business with God first.

Bankrupt to Paint Party Business Owner

You know, I started that business because my family had filed for bankruptcy and lost everything. I started painting because painting is healing. I was a teacher at the time and took all these little surfboards to school and then about 150 kids said “Mrs. Easley, make me a surfboard.”. I thought, oh my gosh, I might be able to make money doing this. So, I talked to my husband and my mother-in-law and we made it a family affair.

Heidi and Pixie Easley painting decorative surfboards

All in The Family

It was my husband, mother-in-law, step dad and me. We cut out the surfboards and primed them and I painted them at a stand outside in Pier Park in Panama City Beach, FL. The first day I felt like a FAILURE, we weren’t selling any surfboards, at all. I had to walk away, then my husband calls me and tells me “Get back over here, we have an order.” I get there and he has all these tickets. It was crazy how many surfboards we had to paint and I was the SLOWEST painter. I had to be able to just paint FAST to get all those surfboards completed.

I was just so grateful, I had just gone from feeling so embarrassed and ashamed to this felling of like, God’s got me, not matter what! That summer we sold over 1000 surfboards in just 2 months. I realized I was going to get to do what I love forever, which as painting.

Decorative surfboard painting booth at Pier Park in Florida

Fast Forward

Fast forward to May of 2020. Here I am painting a surfboard live on Facebook when my sweet husband Bobby walks in with a sign to tell me we just hit 1000 members in Paint Party Headquarters! We have been so excited; we knew we were going to hit 1000 members we just didn’t know it was going to be this soon! This was a HUGE milestone. I was so excited that I wanted to cry but I did my best to keep it together. I just couldn’t, I had to stop for a minute and collect myself I was so emotional.

This was 2 years in the making, so it’s kind of crazy what happened. It is full circle to see it go from painting surfboards as my business to painting a surfboard live and finding out I had just reached 1,000 members. GOD IS GOOD!

Heidi Easley teaching an acrylic painting with flowers and words at a paint party

Success and Happiness in the Paint Party Business World

I’m so happy to teach y’all. Something that started as me just using it to heal, totally changed the entire path of my life. I look back at my bankruptcy and it’s one of the best things that happened to us. It taught me how to go after what I wanted. My big dream was to have 500 members. I just thought of how many people I could help. Then we hit 1,000 members last year. Now we have over 1,800 members of Paint Party Headquarters!

I just want to say Thank you, to all of you.

Here are 3 tips on how I went from bankrupt to a successful and highly profitable business owner!

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This post was originally published on May 12, 2020 and updated on March 15, 2021.

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