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Coming up with endless paintings, knowing the latest marketing trends, social media hacks and more! It’s exhausting!

Don’t worry… you are not alone! Many people just like you have this problem and it keeps them stuck. Paint Parties are supposed to be fun! Don’t let this stuff drag you down!

Let Paint Party Headquarters do all the heavy lifting so YOU can get back to having FUN teaching art! 


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Paint Party Headquarters

Where we teach how to have a Profit Every Paint Party

what people are saying
I love to ask QUESTIONS? So here is one for you … WHAT IS PAINT PARTY HEADQUARTERS… aka (PPHQ)… it is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD !!! Besides with your families of course ! WE PRAY, WE PAINT AND WE REPEAT!!!

Heidi Easley is the best friend, leader, nurturer, helper, instructor, passionate, caring (aka TEACH) you could ever have. All the women in the group are AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! There is NO STUPID QUESTION from any person ever… we all encourage, help and lift each other up daily … HEIDI TEACHES us how to MAKE MONEY $$$$ HAVING PAINT PARTIES!!! And it’s SOOOO MUCH FUN !!! In PPHQ there are many, many EASY AVENUES to travel too… so you will LEARN MANY different strategies THAT WORK FOR YOU!!! I WILL NEVER REGRET GOING THROUGH THIS DOOR, it has been one of the BEST DECISIONS I have ever made! Thanks for listening… It’s ALL about Him  Paintings Created by You… 

Brenda Boyd Easterling (aka Aunt B)

Paint Party Headquarters, as an organization has been a tremendous help to me. Heidi as a person, a God send. I have been looking into stepping into the Paint Party world, but had no idea how to go about. 

Heidi walks you step by step on how to make this business work for you, gives tons of resources and advice, and will look at other ways to make this business work for you when what you’re doing hits a brick wall. 

I love the spiritual tone that is evident in this group. PPHQ as a group is the best I could ask for. The members are there to give advice on everything asked. They are thoughtful, caring, and the most sharing bunch I’ve met on the web. I would be totally lost without Heidi and my PPHQ family.

Carlotta Winters

Carlotta's Creations and Painting Parties Killeen , TX.

I have been a member of Paint Party Headquarters for over a year now. I was struggling to develop my Paint Party business before even knowing about PPHQ. It was really hard! Then one day I saw one of Heidi’s ads on FB and I knew I had to be a part of her group! From the moment I joined her group my business has taken off like crazy and I now have the skills and information to help me to have a successful paint party business. She has helped me to learn what means to own my own business and how to successfully run it. She has provided me with SO many tools that I never imagined from how to market my business, to who are the best groups to talk to, to providing really cute and current painting choices, to step by step instructions and tons more! Thank you Heidi!! I honestly would not have a successful and thriving business today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing PPHQ group!! Best desicion I have ever made!
Kellie Hubler, Listen To Your HeART

Paint Party Headquarters has given me the courage to pursue my dream of living a creative life! It felt this life was unattainable until I stumbled upon Heidi Easley’s YouTube videos. I knew in an instant that God led me to PPHQ. 

I am not saying that I don’t still feel afraid, but the encouragement, mentoring and support I receive from PPHQ allows me to not obey it! I feel as though I have a safety net underneath both me and my God given dreams!

Lori Moen, Wellspring Painting and Parties LYNNWOOD Washington

I believe things happen for a reason and if you ask God for doors to open, they will. It’s up to us to open our eyes, mind, and hearts to the open doors he has put in front of us. 

Paint Party Headquarters came into my life after many prayers said. I had been laid off (from a good paying Groundhog Day type of office job) and I was lost. I had prayed for doors of opportunity to open…then I saw Heidi’s sweet and energetic self pop up on my Facebook news feed. It just clicked. 

I knew this was what I needed to be doing right now…so, I signed up. There have been absolutely no regrets. Follow her instructions on how to build your business and you WILL succeed. Not to mention, there is so much love and support that has been created with the ladies in this group. 

All of the positive feedback and friends made from across the U.S. have been so refreshing. Heidi is true to her word and is definitely “Sharing God’s love through art”. Thank you Heidi Easley 

Tera, Shasta Art & Soul in Redding, CA

I don’t know where my business would be without Heidi Easley & PPHQ. So much of my success has been a direct result from being a part of this group & being coachable. I moved to Montana, in September 2017, not knowing a soul. And I was really struggling trying to start a paint party business from nothing. With God’s good will, I came across Heidi & PPHQ right in my moments of doubt and discouragement. Every month I learn numerous ways propel my business forward. Painting tutorials, social media and marketing hacks… not to mentions the amazing community of wonderful ladies who encourage, support and cheer for me! Everyday I thank God for this group!
Julie Muela-Farris, Paint Party

It was meant to be the day I found Heidi Easley of PPHQ online! I was 70 and looking for a new adventure in that would create a new stream of income. Her upbeat, positive, fun manner was real and genuine. She proved to be thorough, generous, on trend, teach a profit every party and encouraging! She’s a savvy business woman with a big heart! She gives you the tools and you build your business your way! I love that… The creatives in PPHQ are just as generous, fun and encouraging as Heidi…we’ve learned from the best! Thank you Heidi…
Rita Owner of Rita's Creative Studio, Tallahassee FL

If I could sum up the benefit of joining Paint Party Head Quarters in two words, it would be- Confidence and Sisterhood. 

Before Joining, I would teach a couple paint parties here and there. I had no idea how to get them consistently, how to get pre –pays, and absolutely no clue on how to market my parties WELL and to the right audience! 

Heidi has boosted my confidence beyond measure! Not only in the logistics of making a profit every party, but in something much more important- CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF! I now know that my business doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, or “that works for others, but it won’t work me” NO. I have gained confidence that my business will succeed. Heidi has beautifully facilitated a safe group full of AMAZING ladies that just get it. We all have a passion for paint party business and showing Gods love through art. 

Because of that passion, it has created a bond between a group of ladies going through the ups and downs of life and business. I know when I get onto the PPHQ group, my sisterhood is there to encourage me, pray for me, share some juicy painting/business tips, and much more. If you feel those butterflies in your stomach urging you to join this group, don’t ignore it. This is the best group I have ever been a part of. Thank you Heidi for pursuing God’s calling he put on your heart; you have impacted so many ladies and their families.

Kaitlynn Glader

Heidi and Paint Party Headquarters have helped me and my business in so many ways… from providing painting and wood projects to increase my sales to, and i think this is the biggest part for me. is all the marketing ideas. Plus a very special BONUS, is the sisterhood of ladies that comes with it. We share ideas with what is going well for us in our locations and when we come across obstacles, we help each other with how to overcome them. Being a small business sometimes feels lonely, but with PPHQ, you are not alone. Thank you Heidi for all you do.
Leigh Anne Filkins, Paint Your Hearts Out, Kannapolis, NC

Prior to PPHQ I had fallen into quite a funk. I was struggling financially trying to pay my bills, student loans and buy my son’s insulin (he’s a type 1 Diabetic). I was also still grieving the loss of my precious father in law a year prior. Life was just blah, but I assumed I had reached “the age” that this is how it was. You work, go home, struggle, then do it again. I went to work, home, church and painted on the days I could, and just tried to get through. BUT THEN… PPHQ. These ladies. I would post about my fears, all the EXCUSES as to why I couldn’t teach paint parties, run a business: Someone nearby already does them, I don’t have time, I can’t teach, I’m not an experienced painter, etc. They all had rebuttals and solutions for every negative I gave them. If they didn’t, they assured me they were praying. They cheered me when I couldn’t cheer myself. And so I took theirs and Heidi’s advice and it worked. I started booking parties! Then it hit me: I realized something… I realized I’d gained much more than some extra money. I had found something I didn’t even realize I’d lost – MY HOPE. I was hoping! I had forgotten what “HOPE” felt like. I had forgotten what HAPPINESS and JOY felt like. I had forgotten it all!!! I was EXCITED! I haven’t been excited about anything in a really long time… and it feels good! 
Shelley Middleton, Mississippi


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