This is a NEW course starting DATE for X weeks

It’s designed for the person wanting to take their Paint Parties to the next level.

(Payment plan only offered through DATE)


We will teach you how to grow your paint party business

New paintings every month from artist, Heidi Easley

That YOU can use for your Paint Party business online and in-person paint parties.

"Pray, Dream Big, and Fail Fast because the quicker you do that the quicker you will make a lasting impact to the lives of those you touch!"

Jamie Norvell
Creations of Studio 39

"Best JOB ever!!!"

Heather Mac Creates

Trying to Create Endless Paintings?

We have a vault of paintings READY for you so that you don’t have to do endless creating! You can take my paintings and use RIGHT NOW!

No time to learn the newest social media trend?

We have Social Media training so that you are up to date and in the know!

Not sure how to market?

We give you ideas so that you can post and be the go-to person for all things Paint Party related!

Marketing Flyers and Images
Got You Moving Slow?

We create marketing for you every month so that you can quickly grab and go so your Paint Party is ready for the fun!

Business can be lonely!

We have a group JUST FOR YOU that shares YOUR love of painting and teaching others. With over 2000 creatives doing the same thing so that you can find support just a click away!

Coming up with endless paintings, knowing the latest marketing trends, social media hacks and more! It’s exhausting!

Don’t worry… you are not alone! Many people just like you have this problem and it keeps them stuck. Paint Parties are supposed to be fun! Don’t let this stuff drag you down!

Let Paint Party Headquarters do all the heavy lifting so YOU can get back to having FUN teaching art! 


Don't miss this chance before it's gone!

In Paint Party Headquarters
you will get EVERY MONTH

✓ New Painting Tutorial with editable marketing materials for online, in person, and art kit rights
✓ Marketing Training
✓ Social Media Training
✓ Prayer and Gratitude Meeting (optional zoom room)
✓ Q&A
✓ Community like NONE other!!!

Paint Party Headquarters

Where we teach how to have a Profit Every Paint Party


Don't miss this chance before it's gone!

Hi Y’all, I’m Heidi!

I can teach you how to grow your business.

From bankruptcy to business owner before the age of 30, I know the feeling of being lost. Now teaching thousands of people how to grow their Paint Party business online and in person I am excited to share my knowledge and paint designs with you.