What’s in a name? Well, a lot! Oftentimes, your business’s name is the first thing a potential customer will want to know. If you’ve been feeling indecisive and nervous about committing to a name, don’t! I’m here to share some business name tips that will help you feel confident and excited to take this big step!

I know the pain points of starting a business is choosing a business name. It can seem totally overwhelming trying to commit to a name and feel really scary sharing that name with others. I’ve been there! I’ve had business names I’ve had to scrape before, but I’m confident I’ve got the perfect one for MY business now. I want the same for you!

5 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose a Business Name

These 5 tips will help get your mind started on how to choose the right name for YOUR business.

1. Stay Away from Made Up Words

Some of you may disagree with me. But, hear me out. Your name should convey what you do. Yes, brands like Spanx and Coca Cola made up their own lingo. However, these are billion-dollar brands with entire marketing teams! Most of us don’t have that, so we’ll have to just stick with what’s already in the English language!

2. Think of the Competition

No, we don’t want to take the name of our competitor. But, we can use those names to think about what we like and what we don’t like about them. This is a private exercise – you don’t have to broadcast that you hate so-and-so’s business name. But, you may find yourself drawn to certain types of names, whether they are playful or more to the point.

3. Ask Yourself What You Want People to Think and Feel When They See Your Name

Do you want them to feel like it will relieve stress? Be adventurous? What do you want your potential customer to feel? Then find words that convey that emotion!

4. Make Your Business Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell

A lot of times we have something meaningful to us, but when we try to say it to someone else they may not understand the spelling or punctuation. Don’t make your potential customer guess how to spell it – make it super simple!

5. Make a List of Words You Like and Think About It for a Few Days

I really want you all to hear my story about this – I explain it in the video below, so give it a watch. Even though the name I originally chose was so special to me, it didn’t make sense.

Watch the Video

I go through all of the above in more detail, as well as share some super cute and creative business names other artists are using for their paint party businesses!

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