This is a NEW course starting February 1st for 8 weeks

It’s designed for the person wanting to take their Paint Parties to the next level

It will specifically teach you how to teach and make money online through your craft!

Here’s what you will learn over the 8 weeks!
Each week you will be delivered the next NEW training!

MODULE 1:  Learn How to Create a Free Gift that brings emails your way.

MODULE 2: Learn how to build your email list

MODULE 3: Learn how to communicate to your email list and Blog

MODULE 4: Learn how to do FB Lives with a purpose

MODULE 5: Learn how to run 2 specific ads in Facebook that have changed the game for my family

MODULE 6: Funnel Fun!

AND… throughout the course I’ll share Bonus Trainings below!  
Bonus Training 1:  Importance of Collaboration
Bonus Training 2:  How and Why to create a FB group
Bonus Training 3:  Why Make a Free FB Group? 

Bonus Training 4:  Affiliates – How you can make money off of products that you love!   While you paint!  
Bonus Training 5:  Trello Project Planning 
Extras like Crash Course on Internet Language!   Glossary – Online Vocab list 
Email System Trainings… Which one works best for you!  


(Payment plan only offered through Christmas Day)

Why do you need this? 

Many people learn from me about Paint Party, Art Kits, and much more, but what I get asked ALL the time is… “How do I do something ONLINE like you, Heidi?”

Well, my business coach Stu McLaren has been a HUGE help with this, but what I realized is that there was a pretty big gap between his AMAZING teaching and the creative person teaching paint parties or doing art kits.

What I also realized is that there is a MASSIVE market for us creatives to make money online.   Not only through memberships, subscriptions, monthly art kits, etc, but also through affiliate sales, collaborations, and just sharing what you love!    There are ENDLESS opportunities, but my heart was hurting because when I talked to creatives they had no idea of what is out there, much less the terminology being used in today’s FAST changing online world. 

But, here’s the good news!    I take your hand and teach you all the things I’ve learned over the past several years in a self paced organized pre-recorded 8 week course.   

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours, and many years learning this online world and I know how tough it can be. 

There’s some people out there that will share, but a lot that will not!   This course although self study will give you a full year of once a month group Q&A calls with me via Zoom!   You will be able to have access to this course for an entire year and access to the monthly group Q&A calls via Zoom every month! 

I’m so excited to help you start this Online Creative Adventure!    Paint Party Outer Limits is the place you need to be!

My family is still a little confused at what I do because it IS new and is NOT the typical way to earn a living.

However, I’ve had more fun and taught more people than I ever dreamed!

I know God has BIG plans and when I thought about sharing this information I was terrified for two reasons.

1.  Terrified I shouldn’t share because of being scared there’s not enough.
2.  Terrified that I wouldn’t do you justice. 

After much prayer and facing my fears I’m doing something this year to share with you behind the scenes of how to teach something online to make money at it.

It doesn’t have to be just with painting.   
It can be with anything you are passionate about!!!! 
I’m just so excited to help you!  

Do you want to join?

Start thinking of all the possibilities!

Extremely Grateful,



(Payment plan only offered through Christmas Day)