Prayer for patience, Marry me, family members being honored, Letters to God….

Peoples thoughts, dreams, fears, needs… all being released into the Texas sky as one.

Insanely beautiful and the magnitude of it hits me all at once…. all the needs… the hurts.. the cries out to God.

A million dreams, hopes, fears, all heading to God against a night sky.

bright lights of hope… on the most perfect fall day

The happiness… lovers dancing… kids grinning ear to ear…great music, fires, s’mores…

A letting go of fears and things that hold us back. Seeing the goodness in front of us.

Choosing each day to see the good… the miracles we have.

I hope whatever you are going through you choose to see the light no matter how dark it may seem as this moment.

Cherish it… light it on fire and enjoy the ride!

Extremely Grateful,