Christmas Program time…. Those of you with kids understand the time of year when all the family joins together to watch your kid or family member sing a little jingle!

My daughter was dressed as an angel with all of her classmates and sang her little heart out!   That girl sings all the way from her toes and she LOVES to perform!

After her performance the upper grades were about to perform and the entire church went SILENT!    Now… I have to admit during some of these times I do check an occasional email or my account balance… you know… the normal automatic things your body does when you have a cell phone in your hand and you don’t even know you are doing it?

Well… my sweet mother-in-law is scrolling through Facebook.   She decides that scrolling through FB is not enough, she feels the need to click on a video!   IN A SILENT CHURCH!!!!   


The video is of a cute puppy going to his doggy bowl and about to do something silly I’m sure….but it’s VERY LOUD!  

Out of panic she throws the phone to me to turn it off.  As I’m trying to hit the X on the iPhone she grabs it from me and turns is upside down!

REALLY!   Turning the phone over is how you turn the video off!    Come on!  

So, I grabbed it back… start to hit the X again (all while the cute little puppy is barking and making noise) she grabs it a second time and tries to put it under her leg!

Really… did you not learn the first time that turning the phone OVER will NOT turn the video off!!!

So… the puppy video finally stops, guess it was a short video, and then I look over at my husband, daughter and father-in-law who all have this look of “What the heck!!!?

images 2

So… I whisper to my husband about how his mom thinks turning a phone upside down will turn off a video and then we cannot stop laughing!   We are turning bright red…. eyes crying… and the band has STILL NOT started because there is an issue on a Saxophone.    Come on people…. just start some music so we can stop embarrassing ourselves!

Finally, the band starts to play and then they break again to change out to the choir.    We have finally calmed down and then we hear……  sssshhhhhhhhhhhh……..   We look over and my mother-in-law (who by the way… lost her rights to her cell phone for the rest of the performance) is opening a bottled diet coke! 


All she has to say for herself is “I’m Thirsty!”   

So, the laughing started all over again.   We end the night as the family who did not take the performance seriously.

We laughed all the way home.

Whether it’s acting like kids in a church service or riding the bikes around Academy… Take time to be a kid.  It’s good for your soul.

Oh, and especially take time to create!    Thanks for reading my newsletters and I hope you enjoy your family this season! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!