This happy little snowman was so fun to paint. I started with a light grey background, pure white with just a touch of black mixed in. Then I painted 3 circles for his body in pure white. With the grey background still being wet, that paint may blend a little and already start to create shading. This is called wet on wet. Paint the ground white, under your snowman. Let it dry completely (a blow dryer helps with this step.) Using a small liner brush, paint in a top hat in black paint. I mixed the smallest amount of white, to make a very dark grey so you can separate the hat brim from the rest of the hat. Next I used a clean brush to mix just a touch of Dark Chocolate Brown with white to make a very light tan color. By adding shading to the bottom and sides of the snow balls, you will create the illusion of some roundness. Using black paint I added eyes, thin triangle for his nose, smile and buttons going down his front. Next, I used Dark Chocolate Brown to paint his branch arms. Have fun and go with it. I mixed two of my favorite oranges, Burnt Orange and Jack-o-lantern to paint his carrot nose. I gave him a blue scarf, but you can paint yours your favorite color. Don’t forget a dark shade for the shading separation and scarf fringe. I almost did ????! Then I added some white highlights to his hat with a liner brush. When I started painting the trees I mixed Festive with Brown to tone it down. I used a Bob Ross style to create the trees. I started with a vertical line for the trucks and then the branches like upside down “V’s”. Y’all suggested I add a cardinal bird so I mixed Primary Red and Deep Burgundy to make a rich red. I like Tuscan Red but couldn’t find my bottle of it. I painted my happy little bird on the snowman’s hat, but you can put him wherever you want. A little orange beak, heart wing and black eye made him look so cheery. Not sure what else this painting needed I added some candy canes hanging from his up stretched arms. I did a base coat in white paint, making upside down “J’s”. I stamped in some white snow flurries in the background and over the snowman’s hat before adding the red stripes to the candy canes. Then the final touches of snow built up in small mounds on his hat and arms.

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