This has felt like the longest winter ever! Celebrate spring’s arrival by hosting an online (or in-person!) paint party class and teaching how to paint these pretty pieces! These spring painting ideas can also be done at home by yourself, but I highly encourage you to grab a group and make an evening out of it – it’s so much more fun that way!

How to Use this List of Spring Painting Ideas

Y’all. I’m sooooo excited for SPRING!!! I think the entire country feels it too! It’s DEFINITELY time to bust out the brightly colored paints and pastels and do some art pieces that bring cheer wherever they go.

These pieces are the perfect spring painting ideas to use for teaching online (or in-person) paint parties. If you love art (and if you’re on this page, you must!) why not make some cash showing people how to paint fun pieces like this? If the idea of teaching paint parties is overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve all been there! That’s why I created Paint Party Headquarters, where I teach you everything you need to know to create a successful paint party business.

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8 Spring Painting Ideas

1. Spring Bunny Painting

How cute is this little guy? It doesn’t get more spring than a bunny with Easter eggs hanging out amongst pretty painted flowers. I used a combination of freehand and stencils for this spring painting idea!

Cute bunny painting with easter eggs and flowers

2. Sunrise – Spring Painting Ideas for Easter

Let’s be honest – Easter in 2020 was weird. But, the message of Easter and celebrating all that God has done and is doing for us is worth remembering every day. Celebrate spring with this beautiful painted sunrise and cross.

Easter sunrise painting

3. Must-Have Spring Floral Stencils

This is like 1,000 ideas in one. There is SO much you can do with a good stencil like this one! Watch this quick video showing you how to use this pretty floral stencil. If you like it, please subscribe to the YouTube channel keep up to date with all our new video content – there is a lot of good stuff coming!

4. Ceramic Bunny Box

This is one of my favorite spring painting ideas! Not only do you get an adorable bunny to bring out with your spring decor, but you also can stash your favorite trinkets inside. This is one I definitely recommend for a paint party—your attendees will absolutely love it!

A painted ceramic rabbit will look great with your springtime decor!

5. Ceramic Eiffel Tower

Okay, the Eiffel Tower can totally be painted any time of year – but what’s more romantic than Paris in the spring? Plus, you can make this into one of your favorite spring painting ideas by adding little ceramic bunnies as I did in the post!

2 eiffel towers painted in spring colors

6. DIY Spring Bike Painting

This is a brand new painting for this year and I can’t get enough of it! This video will show you exactly how to paint (and teach) this pretty teal bike with flowers in the basket!

7. Speed-Painted Bunny Porch Leaner

This bunny painting is too much fun! I tried out a new technique in this one where I painted with one hand and used a blow dryer to dry with the other! This is a helpful trick to keep in your back pocket for your art classes where you need your paint to dry FAST. Plus, you’ve got to check out this post and see how cute this bunny porch leaner turned out!

bunny with florals as one of several spring painting ideas

8. Easy Wood-Painted Sign for Spring

In this simple video tutorial, you’ll learn how to stain and paint a wooden sign. To me, the flowers make it springy, but you could honestly make and enjoy this one any time of year!

spring painting ideas - make this pretty floral sign

Which one of these spring painting ideas are you most excited to try? Don’t forget to stock up on some art supplies before you get started – here are my must-have paint party supplies!

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