I interviewed my friend Ashley Raetz of Creative Strategies with Ashley Raetz. She’s a Social Worker by trade but she’s also been a sign maker for the last 9 years and now coaches people who are starting and/or growing their creative business.

We talked all about the Creative Codebook and about her Auction. The auction was so exciting! It almost felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I wanted something so bad that I ended up just pushing a number and getting this really cute mug. I mean, I didn’t even know what it said I just wanted to buy something because she had created such a frenzy. It was really magical to see it happen.

Heidi Easley's art studio

What is Creative Codebook?

Creative Codebook is an 8-week course, it’s kind of like a pre-qual to Paint Party Outer Limits. You learn who your target market is, how to post to social media with purpose and get engagement as well as selling strategies. She even teaches how to sell a product in a live sale and the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is a Live Sale?

About 5-6 years ago Facebook came out with Lives, right? Then came Lularoe leggings and they started doing live sales! This gave Ashley the idea that she could do the same with her signs and home décor. The thing she loved about the live sale is that she loves to be able to just talk and make her product.  The live sale allowed her to do both and then just send people to her website or to Etsy.  She could even just keep it simple by sending invoices through PayPal.  She was able to kind of perfect the process and then people wanted to know how she was doing it.

Heidi Easley painting live on Facebook in her art studio

Customer Psychology

Everybody wants something that somebody else has. So, if you only have like one of these items and you say I only have one of these items for very first person that I see comment and you might see 10 people comment. It’s almost as like this adrenaline rush and you kind of get people that might like to gamble, or they like to be in this rush. It almost creates like this frenzy. So, it’s just a really cool strategy that almost any handmade business can incorporate and truly be able to make hundreds, if not 1000s, of dollars by selling live. Ashley teaches you all about this strategy in her Creative Codebook training.

Who is Creative Codebook for?

Ashley says there are two types of people that come to her.  There’s the one that have been running a Facebook page for a couple of years and it doesn’t matter what the post, they just see crickets. They maybe haven’t been consistent or haven’t posted anything in six months or maybe even let the page go a couple of years ago. They just don’t know what to do to revive their page and start selling their products. The second person is somebody who is starting thier creative business and is just overwhelmed by the next steps. Creative Codebook is for both of these people!

Creative Codebook is only open once per year during march. It’s only $447.00 or you can choose a two-payment option of $249.00. Join her course before it’s to late! You can get in on the action here.

There is so much more that we talk about in the interview, check it out in the video!

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