The first parts look rough, almost boring, but in your head you can see the finished product where others can’t. In your head, you see booked parties and overwhelming applause from family and naysayers…. 

Starting a Paint Party business is kind of like starting a painting. 

In reality it looks like the first layer of a painting… flat… un-inspired…. hard. 

Then, you start to add details to the painting. Or, in your case, learning how to get the party booked, the “butts in the seat” pre-paids, etc. 

Then, before you know it, you have a full blown Ugly Christmas Sweater Paint Party in action. 

But, no one could see this vision. Only you. 

How do you get through the hard parts… the boring parts to get to the finish line?!? 

Well, recently one of our Paint Party Headquarters ladies recommended this Podcast.  It’s from Steven Furtick a Pastor and he talks about “The Sticking Point”.    You can listen HERE

 It has a great description of how to keep moving even during the Sticking Points so you can reach your goal! I hope this helps inspire you to keep moving forward!      

  Extremely Grateful,Heidi  PS:  We are opening the doors for a quick 72 hours to Paint Party Headquarters on Nov 10th, 11th, and 12th!!!! Don’t miss this SECRET opening so you can get your Paint Party Business going!!!