HERE’S WHAT YOU GET with your Paint Party Headquarters Membership!…

Each month you will receive an

– On-Trend Painting Tutorial that you can use to make money for your Online Paint Parties, In-Person Paint Parties, and Art Kits! – Marketing Materials – With each monthly painting tutorial, you will also receive the Marketing Materials needed to advertise your event and get butts-in-seats. You’ll get a Supply List, Step-by-Step Instructions, Tracer, Marketing Flyer, Social Media Post, Facebook Event Banner, Private Facebook Group Banner, and more!

– Marketing Hack of the Month – This will have tips and tricks that you can implement in your business to help get your name out there, book events, and get butts-in-seats! (HUGE TIME SAVER)

– Social Media Hack of the Month – This hack will help you be SEEN online and you can do in about 5 minutes or less. A new tip every month to keep you current and your business page working for you.

– Monthly Live Q&A – Each month I will answer your specific questions about your business! Any and all questions regarding Paint Parties, social media, etc.

– Supportive Community – Connecting with like minded artists wanting to create their own artsy business in invaluable! In this private group you can ask questions whenever you want! Share your story and find encouragement.

– Prayer and Gratitude Meeting – It’s an optional private meeting where I will pray with you for your business and we talk about what we are grateful for. If you are not spiritual, these will be held through a zoom link and are totally optional.

This is the last chance to get in at $35 a month, so be sure to get grandfathered in before it goes up! JOIN HERE BEFORE it’s too late!!! Doors close at midnight!…

You will have access to our Membership Website with all of our trainings and a private Facebook group where you can connect with others for support and ideas! Join this amazing community of helpful and creative business owners. They are excited for you to join and help answer all of your questions.

In additional the the monthly trainings, you will also have access to an entire library painting designs and trainings. You will have access to the:

– Paint Party Headquarters Website and App – Where you can find and watch all of the PPHQ trainings. – Library of Painting Designs – We have two years of Paint Party Headquarters painting designs that you will have full rights to and can use for your Paint Party Business!

– How to Teach a Paint Party 3-Part Video Series – I will show you step-by-step how to diversify your income with Virtual Paint Parties! This is a $97 value, but comes free with your membership.

– Quick Start Creative Art Kits Training – Art Kits are another tool in your belt and can help further diversify your income! I’ll show exactly what you need as well as what others in our group are doing to make money now! -Facebook Page and PayPal Account Training

– I’ll show you how to create your Facebook Business and PayPal Business accounts so you can easily collect payments for your Paint Parties and Art Kits with out a website!

– Facebook Ads Training – Watch through this video training to learn the steps to creating the two different ads needed to help sell your Paint Parties and Art Kits! Remember…

It’s totally fine wherever you are along your Paint Party Adventure!!! You may just be starting out on this art adventure OR maybe you are already teaching Paint Parties… Wherever you are at, IT’S PERFECT! I am so excited and honored that you trust me to help guide you!

$35 a month can be paid for by ONE painter a month. That’s it! And you’ll have your business growing even faster with everything you need right at your fingertips. You can cancel at any time! But, you have to join today…