Fall is just around the corner and not too long ago I painted this adorable happy camper design with Shelley from Wanderlust Paint Tribe. This design is perfect for your fall paint parties and is super easy to paint and teach! Speaking of painting and teaching PPHQ Sister Shelley and I talked all about her mobile paint party business journey and how she found success while painting the Happy Camper!

Shelley with Wanderlust Paint Tribe
Shelley with Wanderlust Paint Tribe

The Start of Shelley’s Mobile Paint Party Business Journey

She started her paint party business in 2014 several years after her mom visited a Painting with a Twist. Her Mom told her “This is so your thing, you need to do that!”. But franchises are EXPENSIVE. After trying to figure out how she was going to do it she just decided to it all on her own and make it a mobile painting party business. Shelley did lots of paint nights and made lots of mistakes, eventually she was just burnt out and felt like she was spinning her wheels. Then her favorite restaurant, which was her consistent venue, closed.

happy camper acrylic painting

Finding Paint Party Headquarters

Shelley had to make a decision, either keep pushing through or just take a break. She decided to take a break for a couple of years. Then she found me and thought maybe I know something, maybe she ought to pay attention to what I’m doing. So, she followed me and subscribed all that stuff. At one point Shelley even thought, no, she wasn’t going to do it and unsubscribed. But she realized that maybe God was trying to tell her something. So, she re-subscribed and wanted to join Paint Party Headquarters but the doors weren’t open yet. Shelley made sure she followed everything so when the doors opened, she could jump on it and she did just that in September of last year.

Acrylic painting with camper

Move Past Your Fear and Just Do It!

Fear is something we all face in our business ventures. Every time she has a paint party the nerves never really go away. She just has to take a deep breath and do it. The lead up to the paint party is terrifying but it’s always fine. Shelley’s advice to people just starting in the paint party world that may be nervous to get going? Get past your nerves and move forward. Just do it! Find the most reasonable and actionable step for you. Paint a painting, contact a restaurant, join Paint Party Headquarters. Make that move right now!

If you are ready to start or grow your paint party business then get on the Paint Party Headquarters waitlist here. The doors will be opening soon! You’ll get access to this adorable Happy Camper painting and many more designs. Plus, a ton of training to help you build and grow your business, online, in person and with art kits.

Do you have any fun fall projects in progress? Click here to text me a photo, I’d love to see them!

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