Let’s Paint! And talk Paint Party Supplies!

What about paint party supplies? Paint, brushes, ceramics, door hangers, easels, stencils, vinyl, SVGs? What do you need to get your paint party business and creative business started?

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Today I’m going to be showing you how to paint a porch leaner. These are so fun to decorate your front door with.

I wanted to paint an Ombre affect so I start with a cream color on the top 1/3 and then bring in some yellows as I work my way down. I picked up my favorite, very well used, 2″ chip brush. And then just start pulling the paint down. I am using a color called Light Buttermilk. I had to add more paint as I went along. The yellow was brighter than I wanted so I added some of the Light Buttermilk to lighten it up. If your paint isn’t blending enough you can always dip your brush in a little water. I added just a hint of Dark Chocolate brown paint to the bottom and the edges. Blend it in just a hint. And make a little boarder.

Then I free handed some large sunflowers on the board. I paint a half circle on the side of the board and then make some pretty petals. I give each half flower 4 to 5 petals. I do this all with a 1″ flat brush and dark chocolate brown paint.

I then add some light buttermilk to the dark chocolate to make a light brown and fill in the center of the flowers. I blob on the paint to make lots of texture.

Going back to my big 2″ chip brush, I add yellow to the light buttercream to fill in the flower petals. Play with the ratios to find a color you like. But make sure it is a different color than the back ground. Then I go back with a smaller brush and go over the petal out lines again, in dark chocolate brown.

Then I go for my favorite, 24K Gold Extreme Sheen by DecoArt!!! I love it so much. I just blob on some golden highlights on the petals. Don’t over think it. I stick to the same side of all the petals. I also use some Champagne Gold Metallic paint to stamp on some more texture into the center of the flowers. It is very therapeutic.

After I let the board paint dry a little and then lay down my stencils. I used my favorite Essential Stencil “Fall”. Then I used some Dark Chocolate Brown mixed Antique Copper to stencil in the word “Fall”. I ended up adding more Antique Copper.

Then I did something I was sure would look crazy or not. I wanted to add some dots to the background in turquoise. So I had to pick the perfect turquoise. Everyone choose picked Sea Breeze Turquoise and a large round dauber in the background. Using a piece of paper when you only need a half of a circle works great!

I also show you a fun way to clean up any lettering. I take a good liner brush and some Laguna Turquoise and quickly go around the letters on one side. I choose the left side and the bottom. Make sure to stay consistent with all the letters. This little trick also helps the letters pop more.

I finish it off with a quick burlap bow. I am not a great bow maker. But I have found a fast easy way to make the perfect finishing bow.