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Y’all, I LOVE glitter (shake glitter, glitter glue, glitter paint, etc.) but my husband Bobby HATES it! I remember a time when a friend of mine and I were getting our costumes together for Halloween. We decided to cover our shoes in glitter. So, outside on the patio of our apartment, spray adhesive in hand we made these awesome sparkly shoes. It made a mess! Bobby was not happy. Glitter was everywhere and stuck to everything because of the spray adhesive.

That mess never deterred me from my love of glitter. So, I made a compromise with Bobby, now I use glitter paint and glitter glue. I mean, I still have some shake glitter. But I have glitter glue and paint all over the house!  It’s great for crafts, paintings and even paint parties! I LOVE bringing it to my events. It adds such a beautiful touch to everyone’s designs. Plus, customers go home happy and hopefully enjoyed a memorable painting party!!!

There are so many different types of glitter paint that you can use. So, I decided to test a few to see what I and you liked best. I tested these glitters on one of my Painted Prayers paintings. These are great for paint parties, if you haven’t tried one of these you definitely should.

Esther 4:14 painted on canvas with bottles of glitter glue

DecoArt Galaxy Glitter

I accidentally spilled this one everywhere and I hate to waste glitter.  So, I tested it on the side of the canvas. It is very, very thick, almost like a tinsel.

FolkArt Glitterific Glitter

This one is a lot thicker, even thicker than the DecoArt Galaxy Glitter! It kind of clumps on the painting. I wouldn’t recommend this one for paint parties.  It can get a little crazy and overwhelming.

DecoArt Craft Twinkles Glitter

This is one of my favorites and I bring this one to all of my events and I used to bring them in every color. It just adds a little bit of sparkle and the paint is nice and thin.

Esther 4:14 painted on canvas with bottles of glitter glue

I’m a firm believer that everything is better with glitter. My absolute FAVORITE is the DecoArt Craft Twinkles Glitter Paint. Just remember, glitter glue or glitter paint is better than shake glitter for events. I used shake glitter at a “words have power” paint party event. I went back a year later and they were still cleaning up glitter from the year previous!

Watch the glitter test in this video!

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