Not too long ago my daughter Pixie shared her top 3 tips when teaching a paint party. She also shared how she has started collecting license plates.  And let me tell you, she received soooo many license plates from all of you! She was getting plates every few days! It was so much fun for her open them and see which states she was getting.  Just a bunch of happy mail for Pixie!

Pixie is so very thankful for all of them.  She used them to decorate her bedroom and all of them made her room look AWESOME!

license plate wall decor

So many of you who sent Pixie a plate and sent a letter with them.  Some of the plates had special meaning and you were kind of enough to share the story behind the plate.

We are celebrating Pixie today on her 15th birthday! We couldn’t be more proud of the young lady she becoming and what a great early birthday gift to be able to finish her room!

Pixie with her license plates

So, a HUGE Thank You from Pixie to all of you that have sent her plates and the super sweet letters!!!

Click here to Text Heidi a photo of your newest art.

Watch Pixie say Thank You and show off her new license plates:

fun teen bedroom decor