The way you do one thing is the way you do everything..... NAH! - Texas Art and Soul - Create a Paint Party Business Online


Have you heard this before “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything!”

I think it’s bologna!

Now here me out…. I’ve heard this expression several times in my life and have always just agreed with it. As I’m walking my dog this morning and reflecting on my life this statement came into my mind.

It’s unrealistic!

For example: I’m not a good cook. I try to be sometimes, but in reality I know that is not my talent! So, because I’m not a good cook that means I’m not a good artist? NO WAY!

Another example: I can paint for 12 hours straight if I have a deadline or just want to finish a painting. I’ve painted like this countless times over my years of painting. BUT, tell me to go train or run a marathon and it’s not happening!

Does this take away from my talent of painting because I’m not the best cook or most dedicated runner? NO WAY!

I tell you this because most people are putting these high expectations on themselves! Sometimes unreachable expectations. We see people online doing wonderful and amazing things and then think they must have all the areas of their life just as figured out. Well… I’m here to tell you it’s not possible without the help of a few other people!

You see… we can’t expect to have the cleanest house, throw the best birthday party for our kids, rock a killer bod, cook a 5 course meal, run marathons, be an artist like Van Gogh, , etc… etc… etc… without SUPPORT & HELP!

Yes, I know it can be done if you have the right help and resources. But people please know that we each have our talents!

We each have something that we are talented with and it’s worth not being great at everything to have something that we are AMAZING at!

Hope that you let yourself off the hook just a little and know that you are ENOUGH! YOU have talents and wonderful things to offer this world!

Extremely Grateful,