There’s no a finish line.   

Well, there is…. but not in the sense you are thinking. Hear me out.    

I used to think so many things about so many things.    

For example – Skinny meant healthy. Or, so I thought until about 4 years back when I had lost about 15 pounds. I was really sick during that time. Heart surgery and a huge tumor on my back.

  I still think that tumor (which was removed and not cancerous) was eating all of my food supply. A heart surgery and a tumor removed all within 7 months of each other, I slowly started putting on my “normal” weight. Was I ever happy to be “healthy” again!       

Yes, I was skinny, but I was sick! So there de-bunks that myth of “If only I was skinny I would be happy.”      Well, not always.    Another example – Once I reach a certain goal I would be happy. I had this dream of teaching paint parties full time. Which thankfully to my many wonderful customers, it’s a reality. But, I thought that the “finish line” of that happening would make me happy.   

It didn’t.    

There is always another goal. There’s always a moving finish line. It’s a fluid, living, breathing, thing that is untouchable.   

Unless you change your perspective and seek happiness in the right order starting with God.   

I’ve learned SO much over the past several years and am learning more and more everyday.  

Even after my heart surgery, after my tumor scare, I’s have to say that 2020 has been the hardest year to-date. Yet,… it’s also been a year for my biggest growth.  

Change can be hard, but change can also be good. And, 2020 has pushed us all to grow and change in ways we never imagined before.  

So, please listen when I say….  Don’t waste it.     

Don’t always have your head down and forget to look up. Don’t forget to enjoy the process of whatever dream you have. No matter the challenges.   

Because, the true secret I’ve learned is that all the good stuff happens while you are reaching for that goal. And, growth only happens when we are challenged.  

It’s okay to be uncomfortable sometimes.      All the good stuff happens as you become more, learn more, be who God wants you to be.     

That’s where all the fun, the adventure, the connections, the lessons, the growth, the humility…all of it happens!    

It’s these moments that are creating you.   

It’s the excitement and hope of what’s to come that makes us push for more.     

So, please use that creative inspired energy of yours to take action! To share God’s talents! To do something awesome. To be a light in others’ lives. But promise me you will enjoy ALL of it!    

Because it all goes too fast… and there really isn’t a finish line anyway. So enjoy the process and make your days count.  

Extremely Grateful, Heidi 

P.S. One of our Paint Party Headquarters Members recently shared a post in our private group that made me cry.  

She said, “I hope and pray that everyone will seriously look deep into their souls and figure out what their dreams really are and use their paint parties to fulfill that dream! It makes your paint parties SO much more important and enjoyable.”  
This sweet lady named Kellie has used her Paint Party money to go towards buying a travel trailer for her family to have lots of fun memories together.      

What will you make happen 2020?