I’ve been following Justin Gaffrey for years. I first saw his art when I lived in Florida and fell in love! I was able to tour his studio and Art Gallery on a recent trip to Florida. He does these really, really cool paintings and uses a TON of THICK paint in the process.

Justin Gaffrey Gallery

In his studio he has his boots on display and they are covered in a THICK acrylic paint. There was sooo much paint, it was everywhere, on the walls, a water-cooler, a light switch, even the ceilings were covered in paint. All that paint made me soooo happy!

Wave painting by Justin Gaffrey

We even took a little field trip over to his art gallery. One of my favorite paintings is the one with the waves. The texture on his paintings is AMAZING, it’s almost as if you could eat it, it kind of looks like taffy. He does these beautiful flowers and big waves. He does a TON of nature stuff.

Painting by Justin Gaffrey

It’s awesome to see the artists creativity. It’s like their brain is on the canvas. We were even able to touch the paintings. A lot of times artists won’t allow you touch their paintings, but with this texture, you kind of have to get right in there. He actually uses his own proprietary formula to make the paint that THICK. You are not going to get this same texture from acrylic paint at the store.

The studio was so awesome! It was so inspiring to see that it was ok to be messy.

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