Did you know that rejection and embarrassment are two the biggest things that stop people from starting their own business or reaching their goals. I give you three things you can do that will help you overcome fear and get your business started.

Watch the Video (+ Learn to Paint this Fun and Easy Mardi Gras Mask Painting!)

I go into a lot more detail on all of the below in this video. Plus, while we’re chatting, I am also teaching you all how to paint this fun and Easy Mardi Mask Painting!

In case you are somewhere where you can’t watch the video, here’s a summary of what we talk about, and the 3 things that will help you overcome fear.

Know What You Want Out of The Next 5 Years

Do you know what you want out of the next 5 years?  Your goal could be to be a better artist or to start your own paint party business whether that be online, in person or doing art kits. I’ve even had people say to me before that they want to move to a different state. And I said, well, where do you want to live in five years? I asked her why are you waiting years to do that? If that’s what you want to do, make a plan make it happen.

So, think about what you want out of the next five years. If you want to be a better painter, then what do you need to do this week, and the following and each week after that to become a better painter? Write out clear goals and the steps to get there, then look at them every day.

Painting on wood of Mardi Gras mask and Fleur Di Lis

1. Be Consistent

So many times, we’re thinking about what other people are thinking of us. We’re thinking I’m going be soooo embarrassed if I post this and then nobody says anything or nobody likes it. But guys, the battle with doing anything, and doing anything successful long term is consistency! Even if you’re scared or feel rejected, or are embarrassed, you want to bring your best all the time. So when you show up, people are going to see you, they are going to see that you are staying strong and still doing this. Eventually they will think to themselves “oh my gosh, like she’s for real or he’s for real doing this”.

So, remember it’s about you, it’s about you growing, it’s about you showing up and about you making a difference in your life and your family’s life. When you are ready to start a business or you want to get really good at painting you’ve got to practice, you’ve got be consistent and keep going.

Painting on wood of Mardi Gras Mask and Fleur De Lis

2. Don’t Wait for External Praise to a Good job

How many times do you have something you want to do and there it is, that embarrassment comes up. You don’t know if you want to do it, because what if they don’t like it? Take the painting in the above video, I freehanded it. I’m sure there were some people watching that thought “Oh my gosh, that girl, she’s not the best artist.”. I’ve never claimed to be the best artist. However, God gave me this talent to use to heal, to make money for my family and teach you how to make money for your family. I’m not going to shy away from it, I’m going to embrace it and love it and just do the best I can every single time! If I wait for external praise every time I’d be let down and never overcome fear.

Painting on wood of Mardi Gras Mask and Fleur De Lis

3. Fail and Fail Again

Failure, I want you to hear this. Failure is just as important as having success. Now, what do I mean by that? You have to fail in order to succeed. I know it doesn’t feel good. I know it feels embarrassing. And I know it hurts. But guess what? The people who fail the most are the people who are the most successful. And guys, it took me a long time to learn this. I failed all the time, I still failed to this day.

There’s something I’m working on right now, that is a complete failure, that I am tweaking and changing and turning around, but you have to keep at it. That’s with anything in life, whether it’s business, whether it’s something personal, whether it’s a hobby, you have got to fail and keep failing.

You’ve got to get comfortable with that feeling. Now a lot of people will not get comfortable with that feeling. Because of that, they will never succeed. They won’t take the risk and get comfortable with feeling embarrassed or feeling rejected in front of other people.

So many people want success. You have to remember that your definition of success is different than my definition of success So, make sure you know what you want and then set clear goals.  And remember to be consistent, don’t wait for external praise and fail, fail over and over again.

Get on your Facebook lives, do your YouTube channels, whatever it is in your life that you need to get better at, do it and then just be the best that you can be when you do it.

I hope this helps you overcome fear and if you want to know more about starting your own paint party business, I have free 15-minute video you can view HERE.

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