Today is the day!    

Today is the day to choose to live your life the way that makes you happy.   Today is the day to understand that we all have a choice in how we spend our hours.

My parents came to visit this week.   I was so happy to see them.   My dad is on the heart transplant list and has an approximate 11 month wait time.    He now has a little fanny pack bag that hold medicine that drips to his heart 24/7.  He carries a chiuaua in it and says that he looks just like Paris Hilton.  It beeps from time to time and the world stops as we all check on it to make sure it’s okay… that he’s okay.

Life is precious!  

I watched my mom care for his every need so patiently and lovingly. I heard her call doctors.   I heard her remind him that he will need more bandage wrapping at Staples and they have a quick bicker over why they need to stop at Staples and my mom quickly reminds him that Staples is the only place that carries the brand they need.   I first think to myself how lucky they are to have each other.   How God has blessed them each with a soul mate.

My second thought is to never give up on your dreams.   You are not promised a tomorrow… You can’t live the life you want just by talking about it.   You have to take small actions every day to get there.

My dad has the best attitude of anyone I have ever known!   He always says…”it’s just a heart… it’s not that big of a deal”.   I know he’s in pain and I know he’s always struggling, but he always keeps a great attitude and makes you laugh.

Do what you love now!

Stop all the complaining about why you can’t do something and be thankful for the things that you can do!   

It’s amazing how much life opens up when you come from a place of gratitude instead of coming from a place of blame or excuses.

Make space in your life to do the things you love.

I love being creative.  I love knowing that God blessed me with art and I also love knowing that every painting I do gets me closer to being a better artist!