I am trying a bunch of new Fall and Winter stencils from Essential Stencil and seeing what I like and want to use for the coming Paint Party season! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But, you can cheer me on while I try a new project. I just tried this super cute Pumpkin Patch stencil with Canyon Orange, Burnt Umber Brown, and Bright Copper paint on a wood board. I used a new sponge Dabber from  Michael’s and made sure to “off load” as much paint as possible to prevent bleeding. I love how this stencil turned out!

I often find I get to impatient with using stencil, and go to fast. A friend reminded me, I need to “off load and reset.” We often need that advice when we are building a business too.

Building a business takes time and consistency. It’s easy to forget these steps when we want instant success. But you need to value the beginning stages. You also need to take action when your inspired. Don’t let fear and procrastination sabotage a bad day. And always be looking to take the next right step.

You can order your own stencils at Essential Stencils and use coupon code for a discount! Any affiliate I get from Essential Stencil goes right to supporting my Starbucks habit. 🙂