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What in the world do I say to a venue? What message do I use to contact restaurants? They RESPONDED!!!! NOW WHAT DO I SAY?!?! Here is How to Find and Communicate with Potential Customers.

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Make sure you only give them little bits of information at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm them. And, remember! You are there to problem solve! Any issue or question that may arise, have a solution already prepared.

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Do you want to know what the exact script you need to book a Paint Party RIGHT NOW!?! I’ll share with you and I want you to use it as soon as you can. Maybe even tonight! I dare you to email and Facebook message a venue.

Some of our members are getting responses within a minute. It is powerful! Ready?….here it is!

“Hi, ____________,

My name is (Your first name) and I teach Paint Parties.

With the current situation, many businesses and communities are moving online. I offer Virtual Paint Parties that can help bring your (whatever person or place- Example: Women’s Group, Country Club, Library, etc.) together too!

Do you have time to talk this week?


(Your name, phone number, and email)”

That is it. Keep it short and sweet. Send 5 a day until you start to book parties. Search restaurants in your area that have a big Facebook following.