This trip will be one of my favorite trips of all time. I packed in as many adventures as possible… we only had a few “hangry” melt downs… but mostly just fun.

The biggest lesson I hope to pass on to you when taking a little adventure or even a big adventure… is to find the fun in all of it!   Even the little things.   

Lots of firsts for Pixie…. Zip lining and she also went to the top of a ropes course 5 stories high in order to score the largest size of dip-n-dots. She cried the whole time, but kept going up so she could get dip-n-dots.

(Yes… we bribe with ice cream).

She also jumped into Jacobs well! (MY FAV of the whole trip!) .  Bobby and I jumped in about 20 times and Bobby had to show out and flip off of the rock! Oh and he touched the bottom!!!! Don’t worry mom… he didn’t go into the cave parts… we were safe.

We all paddle boarded for the first time… it was awesome! I think I finally found my athletic sport! ????????. Slowly moving around on a board… lay out whenever I need a rest…no upper arm strength really required. ????????????‍♀️????????‍♂️

Ate tons of interesting foods including goat cheese on a pizza ???? and crepes (which were my fav!)

Got to see my sweet friends and act like idiots in front of a bunch of strangers. ????

I love my little family!!! So thankful for this 40th Bday trip! It’s one for the books!!!

Thanks Bobby and Pixie for having so much fun and being up for EVERYTHING!!! I love y’all so much!!! ????????????????????????

Extremely Grateful from a now 40 year old!!!


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